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Sherri introduces Orion to Manny McDoon, a psychic, who becomes one of his closest advisors. They continue to consolidate their power in Calmerica (the former U.S.), but face potential adversaries in Great Japan and Africa.

They discover that Great Japan is bombarding Australia with subliminal messages to make it their ally. Orion makes their own subliminal messages, and infuse them with psychic power via Manny. Australia merges with Calmerica to become the new counry UNOW. Their army, Orion's Sword, now also known as the Grendel Corps, becomes more and more popular.

Meanwhile, the vampires consolidate their own power within Grendel's Palace. Their presence was discovered, but public opinion has turned from extermination towards internment, and the casino has been turned into a concentration camp, and the government supplies them with manufactured blood. It even becomes chic, and humans like to go inside for the cool factor. Pellon Cross has big plans for the future, however, and tries to negotiate with Great Japan. This fails, and Cross ends up going berserk, drinking an enormous container of blood in his fury.

This arc has a very unique storytelling structure. Each of the comics in this arc are divided into two stories, each of which continues through the arc. The first half of each issue is about Orion, and is told using multiple small rectangular panels of the same size, usually 8 to a page. The text is often placed in large paragraphs the size of the drawn panels. The second half of each issue is about the vampires, and is told using a more conventional panel/text layout. Each of the vampire stories are themselves made of two parts: one about Cross, Kierch, and Zebra, and another about one of the "everyday" denizens of Grendel's Palace. They are narrated by either Zebra or Kierch.

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