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Tujiro XIV and his henchmen attack Christine Spar in his hotel. She manages to wound one of them but Tujiro is stunningly fast and throws her out of the window. Luckily she grabs hold of her rope and gets down safely.

She finds her way to Brian Li Sung's apartment. She tells him she was mugged and he helps bandage her wounds. They start to build a relationship.

The next day she follows one of the henchmen, who she has nicknamed the Shark, to his regular appointment with a prostitute. She kills him by stabbing him through the neck. This is her first kill; she is moving deeper and deeper into the Grendel identity.

The police note that he was killed with a double blade--Grendel's trademark--and realize that this may be a new Grendel. The San Francisco and New York police put more pressure on her friends as they try to figure out where she is. Brian also begins to wonder if Christine is involved, since he knows she wrote the book on Rose.

Christine shadows Tujiro. She sees that he has a large bag, which she believes means that he has caught another child. When they get back to his hotel, she watches through the window as Tujiro does indeed raise a child out of the bag. It seems hypnotized. Then he suddenly bites it on the neck--he's a vampire!

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