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As a kid, Charles took an interest in animal rights and plant preservation. His family supported him as much as possible. When he went to college he brought his favorite ficus, Susie. He always talked to Susie, preferring her to other people, since she didn't talk back or judge him. When he gained his powers, he found that plants hate people!! They think that we are cruel to kill the planet and move plants wherever we think they should be. He also found out that Susie was in love with him! Before becoming green thumb, he was a vegetarian. Now he eats only tofu as all the vegetables scream and plead for their lives as he eats them. Charles acts on the team mostly gathering information from plants in any given area, since they are the perfect spies! No one pays attention to them, which pisses them off as well. Charles is trying to adjust to his new life.

Charles Levy is a member of the Freshmen, a superhero team based out of the Boughl Science Building of Freese College. He is a psychology major.

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