Which of these Marvel character would join which Lantern Corps

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I don't know much about Marvel, but who do you think these characters would belong in what Lantern Corps? What do you think is there Strongest Emotion is? Please give reason.
Iron Man 
Captain America 
Doctor Doom 
Norman Osborn 
Prof. Xavier 
Reed Richards 
Task Master 
Red Skull 
Ghost Rider 

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Ghost rider in black lantern corps, playing a roll similar to black hand but only killing bad guys, (maybe punisher)

Doctor doom would fit in the orange lantern corps since his is as greedy as luthor (maybe osborn and red skull)

captain america in green lantern cause he never stops fighting, mad will power

wolverine in red lantern corps since he rage modes alot

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I guess Daredevil would be an epic GL since he is 'The Man Without Fear' and his will is pretty strong.

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  • Iron Man - Blue Lantern Corps
  • Captain America - Green Lantern Corps
  • Doctor Doom - Orange Lantern Corps
  • Hulk - Red Lantern Corps
  • Spider-Man - Blue Lantern Corps
  • Thor - Green Lantern Corps
  • Norman Osborn - Sinestro Corps
  • Prof. Xavier - Indigo Tribe
  • Punisher - Red Lantern Corps
  • Daredevil - Green Lantern Corps
  • Wolverine - Red Lantern Corps
  • Reed Richards - Star Sapphire Corps
  • Magneto - Sinestro Corps
  • Taskmaster - Orange Lantern Corps
  • Red Skull - Sinestro Corps
  • Ghost Rider - Black Lantern Corps

Marvel Characters unassigned:

  • Deadpool
  • Hawkeye
  • Cyclops

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