So if Kyle is a White Lantern, what about Swamp-Thing? (Spoiler)

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During Blackest Night, the Black Lanterns were on the verge of winning by taking over the greatest heroes in the universe, until the white Lantern entity appeared, giving them the power needed to defeat the Necron,

Later In Brightest Day, a SwampThing was corrupted by nekron and was threatening earth, so Alec (the man whose memories had passed on to swampthing) was resurrected as the new swampthing to combat it, but he was also made into the new White Entity as the old one was dying.


A Guardian sent rings from various corps to Kyle in order to have him channel all the emotions of the various crops. The first attempt didn't last long, all but his green ring was destroyed by the partial transformation, except the orange ring which turned out to be a living construct. The transformation left his ring charged with residual powers of the other emotions though. After a lot of training Kyle learned how to use all the powers of the colored Lantern Corps and has finally reached white Lantern status.

I'm wondering if we well see Swamp-thing associated with the White Lantern Entity again? Any thoughts.

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Okay that is odd, the first attempt didn't come out right at all. Any Lantern fan interested in how Kyle's new White Lantern Powers related to Swampthing?

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It does pose an interesting question to say the least. I wouldn't count anything out just yet, but I would be surprised rather he was, or wasn't either.

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I'd guess Swamp Thing's no longer the White Lantern Entity, post 52. Seems more likely to me that they'll say the White Lantern Entity incubated in Swamp Thing, then resurrected itself, if it's mentioned at all. More likely it'll be treated as "Kyle mastered all the Lantern Powers! Now he is the White Lantern! With Hal and Sinestro trapped in the Land of the Dead, which of them will become the new Black Lantern to oppose him?!" Etc. Either that or after all this is over, Kyle will burn out the other Lantern powers and be dropped back to Green Lantern status.

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Yeah, I guess its one of those things we have to wait and see, but, this was not supposed to be affected by Flashpoint, to my understanding. I liked the concept of white entity Swampthing. Him and Kyle could co-exist like Ion and the Green Lanterns.


Yeah, it could be a temporary upgrade. I'm not sure where they could go with this in the long run if he always had this ability. I think Hal becoming a Black Lantern would work, but hope Volthoom also comes into play as a challenge.

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I don't think we will see a connection once more since Swamp Thing is stuck in Rot World.

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@Bogey: I"m confused, is that another dimension or is that a different timeline he is in right now?

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@drgnx: Rot World happens one year in the future

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@Bogey: Ah okay. Thanks!

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