Does the Green Power Ring for 2814 have something against women?

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@COBRAMORPH: offended bub. you just erased 50 years of awesome comics.

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No offense to them or their fans, but Hal, Guy, John & Kyle never should have been created in the first place. Alan Scott should have just been updated, & used as the GL from earth in the corp.

Same with Jay Garrick being the Flash, & no Barry.

Agree for the lanterns, disagree for The Flash.

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@KainScion said:

@COBRAMORPH: offended bub. you just erased 50 years of awesome comics.

well, Alan Scott could have done everything that they did as GL, since the creators of the fictional stories would still be the same. I mean, we saw the JL show use a Hal Jordan story with John Stewart, & Kyle was chosen to replace Abin Sur in the same Superman cartoon.

All having reinvented characters like GL, Flash, the golden age characters in the JSA does is make it even harder for non fans to get into them. & at worst, you could get something like Hawkman, were the backstory is so convoluted the company doesnt even ant to bother with it.

But yeah, a Girl Lantern & a Deputy Lantern would be the logical thing to do.

As for other aliens from this sector, whats the point? They are still aliens, they might as well just make the aliens be from another sector, it wont have any real effect if someone sees an alien GL from the same sector as earth. Unless they were to chose an alien race that is really well known to the public, like a Roswell Grey. Would it really matter if Katma Tui or Arisa's races had been born closer to earth? If J'on get the ring instead of Hal, would every one been oh a Martian GL! ?

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