Collapse of the Lantern Corps

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ComicVine, I'm afraid I've been thinking.

It's pointed out in New Guardians #9 (as well as noticeable to anyone else paying attention) that all of the Lantern Corps are hitting some pretty bad times, all within a small time frame.

  • Sinestro Corps central power battery was buried
  • Red Lantern central power battery was poisoned
  • Blue Lantern Corps and their central power battery are under siege by The Reach.
  • Indigo central power battery was destroyed.
  • Green Lantern Corps nearly destroyed by Krona.
  • Orange Lantern's worst enemy returned.

I am unsure as to what troubles the Star Sapphire Corps are facing at the moment, but if they aren't having issues yet, I'm certain they will soon. And not only is all of this happening, but Sinestro discovered in the Book of the Black that the Guardians of the Universe are planning to dismantle the Green Lantern Corps and kill anyone that opposes the idea.

At any rate, it seems highly unlikely that this is all just a series of coincidences, especially since an issue even pointed out the mysterious series of events. I'm thinking that the series of seemingly-unrelated events going on is a Xanatos Gambit by the Guardians of the Universe and/or their new army that they plan to use to replace the Green Lanterns. I know it may seem a little loose, particularly since some of the events appear to be isolated incidents that just so happen to be occurring within the same time frame, but considering how ridiculous the schemes can be in fiction in general, I wouldn't put it past the Guardians to be behind all of this. Especially this rather darker turn they've taken as of late.

Anyone else share these thoughts? Oppose them? Or are these just the rantings of a madman chanting that it's the end of the world on the street corner?

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I was thinking the same thing, it's a bit to coincidental that all of this is happening in a short amount of time but on the same coin who could organize such a attack on the each of the Lantern corps. It has to be someone who knows each Lantern Corps very well.

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@mavfan626: Well as I said, the Guardians of the Universe appear to fit the bill since they could be preparing the universe for the arrival of their new army, or perhaps it's their new army that is doing all this. But there are other potential options as well, of course.

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One can only hope that most of the color Corps will be gone. All we need is Green versus Yellow & throw in the Reds to make Green & Yellow have to work together.

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Star Sapphires are about to be dismantled by their skinny Guardian ladypeople. But, Red Lanterns are fine right now and better than ever so there was never a point where all 7 corps were crumbling.

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