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"I do not deserve your praise or your trust, little ones."

'Sinestro', the first Green Lantern story line since the New 52 started, finally concludes. Sinestro finally convinces the Korugarians to help him. Sinestro apparently always has more than one plan of action when preparing for something. While he, the Korugarians, and Hal are locked inside a cell, Sinestro's lantern isn't. He uses it to escape and together they destroy the Sinestro Yellow Corps.

Once again, another fine issue. More great character development, dialogue, action, and even a little romance. It seems like they escape and win the battle much quicker than it did to actually get to the battle, but that's ok. The development of the characters is what has driven the story line and is what it's really about. Is Sinestro the most powerful Green Lantern of all? Is he really having a change of heart? And is Hal finally starting to realize Sinestro is greater and is he recognizing his own faults and is finally gonna smarten up?

I love how the Korugarian adults reject Sinestro as a villain even after saving their planet and getting rid of the evil. The kids meanwhile, they don't know the old Sinestro that caused the hardships on their planet. They love and respect the Green Lantern that just saved them. I really liked that and Sinestro's reaction to them. Even if it was a little corny, I love how Hal runs to Carol and finally mans up. And more questions arise. Sinestro has broken his power ring not once but twice? And what exactly happened to Hal when the Yellow Lantern Battery demoleculized Hal? Sinestro says it wasn't harmful, but that he would deal with that later. And how is Hal going to be able to be a Green Lantern again or will he? However, the last page sets up the next big story line and it looks to be epic!

So the writing is brilliant but also Mahnke continues his great work with the art. There's quite a few pages of his that stand out: the Lantern Battery exploding Professor Insidd right down the middle, Sinestro leading the Korugarians saying "remember, no fear", and the Yellow Lantern Battery destroying the Corps. And once again, the colors appear to just jump off the page towards you!

Even though the ending seems a little rushed, getting more questions than answers, and that it only took half of one issue to battle and destroy the Sinestro Corps, this issue is still greatness! After so many huge, epic, action driven story lines, it's nice to get some real and deep character development. And the turn around of Sinestro is really worth cheering for. Green Lantern rules!

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