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Guy is sitting on the beach in Restoria and entertaining the ladies when a ship crash lands just over the ridge. Guy decides that the locals should take care of this one because he has fought so long and hard to get this well deserved vacation.

Luckily he came to the decision to not help because the pilot of the crashing ship is his good 'ol friend Bolphunga the Unrelenting.

On C'Ythonis, Soranik Natu is visiting Myrrt's family to give them the bad news. His family is not taking kindly to the news--as suspected--however, they're also not taking kindly to Green Lantern in general. They kick Soranik out and state that they never want to hear from them again. Soranik leaves and heads back for Oa.

Back on Restoria, Guy about to retire to his room with the lady companions is greeted with a smile from Bolphunga. A fight ensues and one of the girls--which is now revealed to be an android--goes down. Guy takes a sunlight machine and turns it full power on Bolphunga knocking him into a body of water.

Vath is still on Thanagar speaking with Isamot about getting back into business. Isamot is on his home planet all twitterpaited with another Thanagaranian. Soon as the locals find out that Vath is a Rannian they get upset and demand that he leaves their homeworld due to the current war. Just about this time both Vath and Isamot recieve word that a large fleet of vessels are close in range to Thanagar. These are Citadel ships and are loyal to the Rannians. Believing that Vath brought them to Thanagar, this enrages all of the locals.

On Restoria, Guy Gardner is still being pursued by Bolphunga and right on his tail. Guy heads back for the hotel and needs to retrieve it out of the safe. Just as he is getting it out of the safe, Bolphugna comes crashing through the bay window of the hotel. Still not able to get access to his ring, Guy has to do some fancy footwork to dupe Bolphunga to go up the elevator without Guy. It apears that the manager can't remember the code to the safe where Guy's ring is being kept.

Vath and Isamot are fighting back the onslaught of incoming ships on Thanagar. Vath urges Isamot to follow him spaceside to stop the attack at it's source. Confirmed by Vath's ring, the ships are a Citadel fleet from the Vega system. Vath hails the lead ship and orders it to cease fire or face the consequences. Torn between the loyalty to his race or the Green Lantern Corp, Isamot has to make a difficult decision.

Back at the hotel, Bolphunga makes his way back to the lobby and the manager has managed to get the safe open--but it's empty!

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