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After the events of the previous issue, Sinestro escapes captivity and leads Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Green Arrow to the Silver Twist, a source of mystery throughout the universe. Sinestro activates his yellow power ring against Jordan, and the three are hurled across space and time to a planet whose humanoid inhabitants have a culture similar to medieval England's, though supplemented by high technology and space flight.

The evil Prince Yaun is plotting to ambush the diminished fleet of his brother, Richard Stoutarm--returning from interplanetary war--and seize power for himself, much as Prince John in Robin Hood mythos planned to usurp the throne of Richard the Lionheart as he returned from the crusades. After GL, Green Arrow, and Sinestro arrive on the planet, they immediately discover Prince Yaun's men attempting to capture Marion, though to what end is never revealed in the story. Jordan and Arrow immediately go to her aid, while SInestro looks on, gratified to see his foe in combat with someone else. However, Sinestro is then attacked by Prince Yaun's soldiers, as well, and retaliates. It is revealed through the course of combat that neither the green or the yellow power rings are functional. Marion reveals that she knows of Yaun's plan to destroy Richard's fleet, using his own fleet and a device that has been absorbing energy from the countryside. Jordan realizes that this machine is probably responsible for the failure of the power rings to work, and convinces Sinestro to join them to destroy it.

The three infiltrate Yaun's castle, with Sinestro disguised as "the Red-Faced Jester," and quickly overcome Yaun's men. Green Arrow captures Yaun, while the two ring-bearers disable the machine. Their rings functional again, Sinestro agrees to help Jordan destroy Yaun's fleet, holding the prince responsible for the indignity of masquerading as a jester. GL brings Arrow along in a protective force bubble. While GL uses his ring to stop Yaun's ships, Sinestro obliterates other ships in Yaun's fleet. The Silver Twist reappears as Jordan attempts to stop Sinestro, and the villain is shunted into another dimension while Green Lantern and Green Arrow are returned home. The story ends with Marion fondly remembering Arrow's heroism and insinuates that his name becomes legend over the next century on that planet.

Sadly, the beautifully illustrated scene on the cover is not depicted in the story inside.


  • The last appearance of the "The Line of Super-Stars" DC logo.
  • Bob Smith credited as Robert Smith.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman and Robin in "The Muse".
  • (unnamed) Rope Cutting Arrow, Boxing Glove Arrow, Voltage Arrow and (unnamed) Arrow (shaped like a U that trapped a person's throat to a wall) used.
  • "Justice For All Includes Children, 8" public service ad by Curt Swan.

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