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"The Battle of the Power Rings!" Hal is flying over Coast City when he notices that his ring is losing energy and he doesn't know why. He lands in a freight yard and sees the Packer Gang. They battle it out and Hal hits them over the head with a giant green fist. Hal goes back to recharge in his power battery, but his ring gets stuck. Hal slides his ring off, leaving it inside of the battery and decides to duke it out with his fists. Sinestro easily stops him with his ring and alters his face to look like Hal. Sinestro flies to Yquem, in the center of the galaxy, where many Green Lanterns are meeting, and absorbs all of their ring's power, with the plan on using the power to destroy the Guardians. Sinestro changes back into himself and flies off. Hal wakes up and manages to escape the energy cage Sinestro put him in. He gets his ring back and flies to Oa to confront Sinestro. Hal defeats him and sends him in a capsule to travel throughout space forever.

"Green Lantern's Brother Act!" When the three Jordan brothers congregate to help Jack Jordan get elected, a local reporter believes she has discovered Green Lantern's secret identity--but has she?

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