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"Nah. Just came to see the Show" - John Constantine

This comics came out during a time where everyone was changing.  Superman died and came back, Batman's back got broken, now Hal went nuts and got himself killed... Thank God there is a new sheriff in town.
Funeral comics are ultimately worthless continuity wise, since the two big American companies never let their characters stay dead.  Even Hal Jordan.... He is back and bigger then ever.  I am more of a Kyle fan and seeing Hal dead was the green light I needed over 16 years ago.  I like Hal a lot now and rereading this comic is weird now....  I use to hate the guy because he was a killer.  Now Geoff Johns showed me I got it all wrong and Hal is not to blame.  Ron Marz is. DARN YOU RON MARZ!  But I forgive you, since there is no Kyle without you.

["...All these heroes in one place."]   JC: "So What're you doing here?"  ST:" I was invited. And you Constantine?"   JC: "Nah. Just came to see the show."
In reality this comic is more of a collectors item then a read.  It looks great on a wall so you can always sell it to a newer GL fan or for those few hardcore John Constantine or Swamp Thing fans, if they don't have this already... it would be one of those rare DCU books they may want to hunt down, being of one the last real cameo of the Vertigo version characters.
If you are new to GL I won't break the bank on this comic.  Its a nice keepsake and really nothing more.

3.5/5 Stars for the Story.  5/5 for both awesome covers.
- Silkcuts

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