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Who Needs a Power Battery?

Sinestro and Hal have been captured and imprisoned by the Indigo Tribe. Sinestro tries to fight off getting converted into being a member of the Indigo Tribe while Hal tries to find a way to escape though he is powerless. Meanwhile, Black Hand shows up to reveal some new mysteries.

Geoff Johns apparently will never cease to amaze me when it comes to the Green Lantern universe. He nails it once again and manages to make Green Lantern feel like it did during Blackest Night. While he slowly reveals some things he also introduces new ideas and mysteries. Black Hand can channel all the emotions of the emotional spectrum and Hal uses it to his advantage. It's a moment that literally made me stop reading, smile, and shake my head in amazement. Sinestro fans need not worry though. He's not upstaged by Hal. The first few pages has a moment that will make Sinestro fans pump their fist into the air and yell "yeah"!

As great as Johns' writing is, Doug Mahnke steals the show with his art. Wow! It simply is amazing. It might even be his best work. In fact, some pages could be mistaken for Jim Lee. Yes, it's that good. Except for when Jim Lee draws him, Green Lantern has never looked better. Again, the colors also jump off the page. It goes perfectly with Mahnke's art.

Johns and Mahnke are the ultimate Green Lantern team. This is their universe. It continues to grow and continues to amaze. This is just the start of the epic sci-fi that they are bringing back to Green Lantern. Green Lantern is my favorite comic. I own every issue since Johns took over in 2005. I only recently got into Green Lantern but since I was a kid, Star Wars has been my favorite thing in sci-fi. Well, it's about to become second best because Green Lantern is just that good!

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    This series continues to amaze as Hal Jordan and Sinestro are imprisoned by the Indigo Tribe. We are shown how bad-ass Hal Jordan is as he escapes the prison with a dysfunctional ring, but we also see how tough Sinestro can be as he refuses to be enslaved by the compassion of the indigo light. Absolutely amazing....

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