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Real-world politics had always gone hand in hand with comics and their creators' own personal perspectives. Yet this was never more creatively expressed than when writer Denny O'Neil and artist Neal Adams paired the liberal Green Arrow with the conservative Green Lantern.

While the heroes shared the color green in their names, their respective points of view infused a grey area to problems that, until then, had often been regarded in black and white terms in comics. Liking Adams' redesign of the archers' look in September 1969's "Brave and Bold" #85, and having stripped Oliver Queen of his fortune in "Justice League" #75 later that year, O'Neil saw Green Arrow as a perfect counter culture representative to oppose Green Lantern's role as an intergalactic "establishment cog." Together, under the editorship of Julius Schwartz, O'Neil and Adams tackled a plethora of real world topics that helped launch comics' more socially relevant Bronze Age.

In issue #76, Green Lantern thought he was doing his job when he stopped a disgruntled Star City teen from harassing businessman Jubal Slade. Green Arrow, however, decried Green Lantern's actions pointing out that the businessman Green Lantern had rescued was actually a fat cat slumlord planning to tear down the teenager's apartment building. Both heroes took different approaches in trying to convince Slade not to go through with his plans, though together they brought the slumlord to justice after he orchestrated a hit on Green Arrow.

On Oa, the Guardians chastised Sector 2814's protector for resorting to means that were not in line with being a Green Lantern. However, when Green Arrow challenged them to come to Earth and get a better understanding of humanity, the Guardian acquiesced, and sent one of their own to accompany the heroes on a cross country journey through America.

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