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It Does Make Me More Interested in the Green Lantern Relaunch

War of the Green Lanterns comes to an end and to its credit, does deliver a worthwhile payoff. There were definitely some underwhelming and bumpy roads early on in this story arc, but it manages to delivering a satisfying conclusion that sets up well for the September relaunch of this title. Does it deliver on the hyped huge changes where nothing will ever be the same? No, it really doesn't got that far.
While Krona's defeat does come too easily, the ramifications of how it plays out manage to at least partially make up for that. The status quo, which no doubt will eventually return, definitely doesn't do so at end of this story. 
Sinestro steals the show somewhat in this issue. That's not to say this is all that surprising. Sinestro has basically been the real star of Geoff Johns' entire Green Lantern run, and that shows no sign of ever changing. Hal Jordan does get the big moment of victory over Krona, but Sinestro gets the real interesting developments and will, as ever, be the reason to check out further issues. 
The New Guardians return, though they do not play a major role. Still, we do find out more about Indigo-1 and what she is like without her power ring. There is even a sad little moment with Larfleeze. But ultimately, this is not the New Guardians' story, so there is nothing wrong with having them mostly in the background. 
I often have a problem with how the Guardians are portrayed, even though I understand the necessity to treat them as borderline antagonists. That is just how renegade cop fiction operates, and Green Lantern is basically about renegade cops who do things their own ways rather than by the book. In order for the protagonists not to come off totally as reckless idiots, their superiors need to be shown as incompetent. So it's necessary to sometimes show the Guardians in the wrong. Sometimes. Do it all of the time and you really start to break the mythology. 
That said, I can actually understand the Guardians' decision in this issue. It is kind of an overreaction, but it also doesn't lack justification. Hal Jordan and Ganthet did do wrong by them by hiding the growing threat of Krona, and look what has happened as a result. Hal and Ganthet gambled and lost. 
War of the Green Lanterns does not live up to the promises of its hype. It is a story that relies on the tired cliche of mind control to get characters to fight. But stepping away from the hype of what this story was allegedly supposed to be, this is not a bad story. It does suffer from a weak first act and a too easily defeated villain here at the end, but it also delivers some cool character moments and ends with multiple developments that will be interesting to follow in issues of the Green Lantern franchise to come.

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