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Our story starts with Kyle and Alex arriving home from dinner, courtesy of his ring, they do the whole superhero flight. Alex loves it though she has to chide Kyle first. Once inside she jumps out of her clothes and beckons Kyle to the bedroom, he’s not in the doghouse anymore. He quickly follows her into the bedroom.

Major Force is on a plane to L.A. He’s being prepped by some suit, who has the audacity to imply he’s dumb. Major Force squeezes the suit's throat and gives him a stern warning not to do that $hit again. They then descend on L.A with him having all the info he needs to locate Alex.

At home Alex takes a shower while Kyle watches TV. He realizes a series of bizarre happenings are occurring in L.A. and Alex tells him to go do the hero thing. He wants her to come with him she declines, but promises that she will have a surprise for him when he gets back. He blasts off to L.A. where a city from the future has materialized. An earthquake starts and Kyle has to save the whole city. Back at home Alex hears a knock at the door. She answers the door and is quickly attacked by Major Force who asks her where her boyfriend is. He chases her to the kitchen where she tries to cut him with a knife. It breaks on his chest and he starts to beat her up and questions her again. When she doesn’t comply he stranglers her. After she dies he moves off her body. Kyle saves the future city and they all disappear to their correct time lines. Kyle flies back home ready for his present.

When Kyle arrives home he sees a note on the table, his “present is in the fridge,” he goes to the kitchen only to find Alex’s mutilated and contorted body stuffed into the fridge. Kyle freaks out and Major Force walks in beckoning he hand over the ring and get a quick death. Major Force also boasts he’s the one who killed Alex. Kyle blasts him out of the building and in a rage he injures the villain and proceeds to almost kill him. At the last moment his ring runs out of power, Kyle is in shock as Major Force descends on him.

End of issue

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