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Hal Jordan's quest for power concludes as he faces off with his former mentor and friend Sinestro. Words are not enough to turn back this self made hero as he kills Sinestro and his longtime mentor Kilowog. He then takes the life of every Guardian but not before Ganthet travels to Earth with one finale edict from his fallen comrades find a new Green Lantern.

Hal and Sinestro face of with the fate all Oa itself and the central battery at risk. Sinestro convinces Hal to discard the extra rings so they can settle this man to man. Hal accepts and they duel as the Guardians watch on. They seem evenly matched as Sinestro taunts Jordan that he “sinestro” was the greatest green lantern the world universe had ever seen, how the guardians begged him to mold Jordan into a semblance of him though Jordan was never worthy then and not now. All this fuels Hal’s rage an he lashes out with his power. They reach a stalemate and engage in hand to hand combat. Sinestro continues to taunt Hal till he finally snaps his neck.

Killowog then attacks his friend and makes one last attempt to reach him. In the end Hal incinerates him and discards the ring. Surrounded by the guardians they prepare to punish him but because they don’t normally take matters into their own hands they allow him to go straight for the central power battery.

Ganthet pleads with them until they finally decide to do something. They focus their life energy into him just as Hal absorbs all the power of Oa. When he’s done he steps out in his parallax suit past the dead guardians, stepping on a green lantern ring before flying off.

Ganthet then emerges from the bodies and creates a ring from the energy he was granted. He then teleports to Earth. On earth Kyle sees a similar green star to the one he saw ascending a few issues back except this time it descends. It almost crashes into him an out pops ganthet. He gives Kyle the ring and departs. Once he’s gone Kyle’s tries on the ring and becomes GL for the first time, in the classic lantern suit.

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