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Retro Comic Review - Green Lantern #186

The Good

Let me start out by saying that I really enjoyed taking a trip back into the past to read this comic. Recently I picked up The Green Lantern Chronicles Vol 1, which collects Showcases 22-24 and Green Lantern 1-4 I believe. While I am enjoying going back and reading these titles as well, it doesn't have the same feeling as going to my local half price book store and snatching up as many early comics as they have to offer. Their is something inherently satisfying about holding and reading a book that is almost 30 years old, which is something I came to really appreciate while holding my Green Lantern #1, which is twice as old as this title! The books don't hold a lot of value currently, but at 1 buck per book, it ain't exactly as if I am getting robbed either and I was happy to pay for this.

As for the story, I was thoroughly entertained! I could make a case that some of the writing and dialogue seemed a little campy and transparent, but this book was written 30 years ago! The times were so different that the writing reflects the times. And in the end, the writing doesn't detract from the book. Being a new DC reader, it's fun going back and learning about new characters and seeing their origins. Before picking up this title, I knew nothing about Eclipso or the Predator. When I looked in to their characters I was surprised to find out that they are still playing major roles in comic books in recent years!

The Bad

Again, what can I say bad about a comic book that is almost older than me?!


5 stars to a comic book that came out 2 months before my 3rd birthday. I liked reading this book because it helps me as I am expanding my awareness of my adopted favorite character. If I keep this up, I'm going to end up a Green Lantern historian! My next Retro Review will be interesting because it was an unexpected gem at the comic book store. The Green Lantern Corps is the first appearance of the under developed character Driq from Criq! I met this character for the first time as I have been recently picking up the TPB for Blackest Night! It gets one to thinking, in the newly relaunched New 52 universe, might we ever see an ALIVE Driq from Criq? Will we ever catch a glimpse of his home planet? Something to ponder!

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