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Wanted 2/5. Green Lantern must rescue Amon Sur's associates from a rival cartel of cosmic arms dealers. To maintain his cover and prove his loyalty to the Black Circle, Kyle must kill the kidnappers. Will he do it? Meanwhile, on Earth, Merayn's job hunt takes a turn for the deadly when hi-tech thieves raid the bank where she's interviewing...and only she can stop them.

Kyle Rayner is under cover as Vasquez working for The Black Circle when they give him the mission to go to Zakkaria recover three of the Black circle's "associates" and kill their kidnapper, Izar an arms dealer and capo of the Crimson Star Mob. Kyle agrees, knowing that to keep his cover he might have to kill Izar, a fact that Kilowog is highly opposed to.

On Zakkaria, Kyle and his undercover crew of ex-lanterns make short work of Izar's crew and when Izar tries to escape it is Kyle who catches him. Kyle fakes Izar's death and reports to the Black Circle, who orders he returns their associates to them.

Kyle curious who the associates truly are finds them in stasis in the cargo hold and learns they are Qwardians.

Meanwhile on Earth Merayn has an interview with Cameron Chase to be security for her holding company. And somewhere in space Terpin is attacked by Shiro Nova.

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