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"Black Circle: Urban Knights" Part 4 of 6. All-out action ensues as Green Lantern and Green Arrow learn how to take a beating…and the education continues as they're taught that it's better to give than to receive! Now, we finally get to catch a glimpse at the inner workings of the Black Circle!

After last issue Ollie is not dead just paralyzed, but he is being taken back to the Black Circles warehouse. Kyle and Amon Sur are also not dead and are able to track the ship that almost killed them back to Star City.

Meanwhile, in the warehouse Ollie takes advantage of two of the aliens arguing to make his escape. He is still fighting when Kyle and Amon Sur show up, having tracked the ship to the warehouse. Out matched the alien commander orders everyone to teleport away and then they destroy the warehouse. Kyle and Ollie barely escape and meet back up with Amon Sur. Amon may have a break they can fallow.

Meanwhile unknown to the heroes, in space the Black Circle radios the ship with the cargo. It takes the cargo and destroys the ship with all the crew still aboard, then sets a course for Earth.

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