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I have faith in this Lantern

Simon Baz: the Fifth human Green Lantern: has started his introduction to the DC New 52 with a Bang, he had few troubles in the beginning with the Law and the JL, but he has made full amends with his sister in a Huge way. I'm going to leave it at that must read to understand what he does, we also know happens when Lanterns are done charging their ring because they don't carry them in battle or leave them behind for them to get stolen.We also get the full message of both Hal and Sinestro unscrambled.All I can say is I hope none of the other Lanterns give him a hard time, despite what people have saw him as a troublemaker, Simon Baz has earned the RIGHT TO WEAR THAT RING, for what he has done in this issue he proves himself worthy to be a Green Lantern.

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