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Rings or no rings

In relation to the lead-in this issue doesn't quite meet the level expected of a conclusion to this short story arc, but it does come close.  With Hal and Sinestro hunted by the uninhibited Indigo Tribe they must find a way to return the tribe to their rings, but it is not easy with their only ally in this cause not willing to help.  This is where the slight fall off in this issue comes from.  It is not that the climax here is weak, just a bit more punch was expected to being it home.  Instead it seems almost like the whole thing was bargained and rationalized into a conclusion.  Also not to nitpick, but where is Carol?  She left two issues ago and is not anywhere to be seen in the entirety of the cosmic titles.  Did she take a wrong turn somewhere?  This aside this still does set up well for the inevitable Green Lantern crossover whenever that might be.  Johns has taken this series from one revelation to the next over the past few years, each more impressive than the last.  This trend continues here.  


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