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The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce an unexpected new Lantern.

On Oa the Guardians let Sinestro keep his newly acquired Green Lantern Ring, even though Ganthet argues against it. The Guardians then send Sinestro to check on his sector. After the newest Green Lantern leaves Oa, the Guardians turn on Ganthet and strip him of his emotions.

Meanwhile on Earth, Hal Jordan readjusts to life as a non-Green Lantern. He is behind in his rent and gets arrested for attacking a man he thought was committing a crime. It turns out the man was an actor in a film being shot across the street.

Carol Ferris bails Hal out of jail and explains that since his is such a risk no one, not even her will let him fly a plane. She tries to convince him that it might be the best to leave his Green Lantern days behind him. Hal seems to agree and asks Carol out to dinner to ask her a important question.

Before the date can happen, Sinestro learns that his former corp has taken Korugar hostage, and after killing one of his former soldiers, Sinestro realizes he is going to need help.

Back on Earth, Hal and Carol's date doesn't go well when instead of proposing Hal asks Carol to co-sign on a car loan. Carol leaves the restaurant in a huff forcing Hal to walk home. There he finds an eviction notice and Sinestro.

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