Where to go after Year One?

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So I've been meaning to catch up on my Green Arrow knowledge, and I have read Year One, but I have no idea what comes next. I tried reading Kevin Smith's Quiver, but I was really lost on the first issue, so I just put that right back down.

So, where do I go after Green Arrow: Year One?

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Try reading The Longbow Hunters, it's really good. I'd seriously recommend you give Quiver another shot, but if not, you could always start with Judd Winick's run which starts with Green Arrow: Straight Shooter.

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Like The_Tree said Longbow Hunters (new edition came out a month ago or so). After that read the rest of Grell's run and Dixon's if you can get them. There's also Green Lantern/Green Arrow by O'Neil and Adams.


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Thanks guys, much appreciated as usual.

@The_Tree: I will definitley give Quiver another shot, but I feel like I need to read something before that to really know what's going on.

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@Gambit1024: Yeah, it can be a little confusing to those that are new to Green Arrow, or the DCU in general. It all starts to make more sense as you read. I'd say the biggest things you need to know prior to reading are:

  • Green Arrow previously died.
  • Hal Jordan brought him back to life while possessed by Parallax.
  • Ollie was brought back without his soul.
  • While Ollie was dead, his son Connor Hawke took over as the Green Arrow.

Hope that helps. :{D

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@Gambit1024: Some of my favorite GA stories :

  • Archer's Quest
  • sounds of violence
  • Longbow Hunters (not so much but it has incredible art)
  • Identity Crisis (he is the protagonist in some way)
  • Straight shooter

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