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Current Events


Mort Weisinger

Green Arrow was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp and made his first appearance in More Fun Comics issue 73 in 1941. It was said that Mort Weisinger was inspired by a series of movies called The Green Archer, which were adapted from a series of books by Edgar Wallace. Weisinger took his inspiration and created a new hero, borrowing ideas from the Batman series round the same time. The early similarities between the two are obvious; both had similar modes of transportation (the Arrow Car and the Batmobile), both had young sidekicks and were billionaire playboys. Green Arrow and Speedy were mainly used as back up features up into the sixties where they became more of a main feature and grew into a fan favorites. Green Arrow became one of the more mature features in DC comics in later years, dealing with social issues such as drug abuse and male rape. Green Lantern/Green Arrow #5 even received a letter of applause from John Lindsay, then mayor of New York City.


Oliver Queen

A playboy who inherited millions of dollars when his parents died, Oliver Queen never gave much back to society and lived his life how he wanted; of course he made many rivals and enemies. After being pushed overboard by one of his own employees on his boat, Oliver was presumed dead and lost at sea, but, unknown to the world, he had survived and was lost in a deserted island. Oliver had a talent for archery and using his own initiative built a bow made out of spare parts of a broken generator; using his makeshift bow Oliver began hunting in order to eat. Spending weeks alone on the island, Oliver began to search and found a small settlement with no people. He soon tried to retrieve water from the well but found that the people of this village had been killed and their remains thrown in. Oliver was shocked by the horror of this action and knew that those responsible needed to be brought to justice. Later a plane came towards the island and Ollie began to signal it; they opened fire. Using his bow Ollie managed to gain the upper hand and downed the plane. He was able to get off the island when some drug smugglers mutinied and took over a cargo ship. Dressed in a leafy disguise he had made his way on the island, and covering his eyes with a mask of grease from the anchor chain, he managed to capture the mutineers and save the crew. It turned out that they were the drug smugglers who had killed the islanders, picking up his bow Ollie began fighting back and overpowered them. His first taste for crime fighting came when he handed the drug smugglers over to the police and returned to a world he was set on changing for the better.

Using his vast fortune, he began to create various trick arrows to use under his new mantle. These include the rope arrow, the electric arrow, the explosive arrow, etc. Ollie did not stop there. Later on in his early years, he also built an Arrowcar, an Arrow Plane, and he even used the basic idea of the Bat-signal, appropriating it into the Arrow Signal. Green Arrow was joined by a younger counterpart named Roy "Speedy" Harper. Speedy was also a skilled archer and the two were a formidable team and worked together for quite awhile. Green Arrow became a much darker character after he lost his fortune and became more in tune with the streets he protected, even growing a goatee that is now famous; it was during this time that Ollie became openly left-wing in his political views.

New 52

While throwing a party aboard an oil rig Oliver was supposed to be throwing, the party was taken over by pirates, thinking he could stop them he fired at the captors despite his friend Tommy Merlyns pleas not to. After loosing an arrow that went stray the rig exploded, seemingly killing Merlyn, and leaving Oliver to wash up on a shore with only a nearby bow. After spending time on the island honing his archery skills, he learned he was not alone when he was trapped in a net and brought to a cabin to be tortured. In the upcoming time it seems as though he was tortured in multiple ways including water boarding and cutting or stabbing him. He was questioned about who he was and why he was there, and even through he was honest about who he was and how he was abandoned, they did not believe him and only questioned him again, saying their leader, a man in a dragon mask, would not stop but never let him die. By the time they were going to rip his teeth out he fought for his life and even killed in order to stay alive and escape. After escaping the cabin he was pursued by the man in the dragon mask himself and came to a hand to hand fight in which Oliver won by flipping his foe over him down a cliff.

It was revealed that his father, Robert Queen, was behind it all, the attack on the rig, being stranded on the island, and was even the man in the dragon mask. Robert believed in an ancient secret society called The Outsiders and was looking for the totem arrow that is supposed to give true enlightenment to whoever holds it. Robert Queen found the totem arrow years ago and had visions about what Oliver would have to go through and what he would become, Robert made these things happen so Oliver could become the leader of the Arrow Clan. Eventually when Oliver was given the arrow by his dying father and had visions about the future and had the choice to lead the clan, and was even offered the choice to lead the outsiders in better way, instead he took the arrow and broke it as a symbol that nobody was going to be limited by it and can make their own choices.

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

Green Lantern/Green Arrow

Unlike Batman, Green Arrow has no problem with telling the world his point of view and the two find it very hard to agree or work with each other, but do so when it is called for during Green Arrow's stint with the Justice League. He was given the name Green Arrow by the press and soon became a member of the Justice League of America. His political views also brought him into direct conflict with a soon to be friend, Hal Jordan. While Green Arrow wanted to change the world by doing what's morally right even if it is against the law, however, Hal wanted order as an establishment figure and wanted to work with the government rather then against it. Ollie saw Hal as a man trapped within his role in the Green Lantern Corps and thought that he could not see those who really needed help. The two of them set out across America and witnessed crimes that affected the day to day lives of Americans.

Post-Flashpoint / Earth 0

The New 52

In the new DC Universe, after the events of Flashpoint, Oliver Queen is now younger, and lacks his trademark facial hair. He is based in Seattle and works with various employees of Queen Industries to develop his tech, and help him run operations smoothly. On the business side, Queen Industries has had profitable quarter after quarter thanks to their Q-Core division. Q-Core has passed out many successful devices such as the Q-Phone and Q-Pad. Oliver Queen is commonly missing from company board meetings, much to the annoyance of CEO Emerson, who hounds Oliver, trying to reign him in. Green Arrow is currently building up his rouges gallery as new criminals arrive to challenge the Emerald Archer.

Major Story Arcs

The Longbow Hunters


Green Arrow fell in love with Black Canary during his time in the Justice League and the two began a relationship that has spanned the decades. This love that would lead to Green Arrow killing a man. Ollie and Dinah moved to Seattle shortly before Ollie's 43rd birthday, and Ollie, realizing his adopted son Roy was now a father, told Dinah that he wanted to start a family, but she declined. Ollie then set off the trail of a serial killer known as the Seattle Slasher, finding out that his target is a mentally ill ex-soldier living below the streets of Seattle. The Slasher escaped, only to be shot dead by a female archer named Shado, who has been killing members of a group of soldiers who dishonored her father; the Slasher was one of those soldiers.

At the same time, Dinah attempted to infiltrate a drug ring with ties Kyle Magnor's shipping company. Ollie at first did not involve himself, but after finding out that a drug smuggler Dinah had been following was found dead, he went to Magnor's warehouse to find her bound and bloodied. Hearing a man saying that he intends to do even more damage, Ollie shot him in the chest, along with many of the other members of the drug ring.

Shado then relayed a message to Ollie to meet her on Mt. Rainier, where she intends to kill Magnor. Ollie at first intended to prevent this, but after seeing mercenary Eddie Fyers (in the first of his many encounters with Ollie) bearing down on Shado with a sniper rifle, Ollie stopped Eddie from hitting her, allowing Magnor to escape. Ollie tracked Magnor to his office, intending to have him arrested for the drug smuggler's murder, but this plan was put to an end when Shado shot him dead.

One year later, Ollie would once again meet Shado. Ollie was blackmailed into hunting her down to find a treasure map by CIA Agent Osborne; Ollie finally caught up with her but as soon as he found her, she shot him in the chest with his own arrow. Shado went on to nurse him back to health; it was also revealed that while he was healing and drugged from the medication that Shado had given him that he was raped and conceived a son named Robert. Ollie would not discover this till years later. After she had healed him, she said that she had mistaken him for one of her attackers and he left without the map. When they met years later, Shado showed Ollie his son Robert and went on to tell him how she had raped him. She then told him she wanted him to have nothing to do with his son.

Zero Hour


Ollie began to return to his hero roots and played a pivotal part in Zero Hour. When Hal Jordan had gone mad, Ollie had no choice but to shoot his friend just at the right moment to allow the other heroes a chance of beating him. Ollie had helped Hal earlier that year in saving his long time love interest and was one of the main reasons why he came back into the Hero world after he lost his way. Some time later, Ollie discovered he had a full grown illegitimate son, Connor Hawke, also a skilled archer. Ollie and Connor became close and Connor even decided to help Ollie with his crime fighting. But disaster was soon to strike the two as Ollie would infiltrate a group of Eco-terrorists known as the Eden Corps and sacrifice his life in order to prevent the group from detonating a bomb that would destroy the city of Metropolis. Connor decided to take over the mantle of Green Arrow in his father's honor.


Ollie Returns

Several years after his death, Ollie was seemingly resurrected by Hal Jordan, at the time operating as the Spectre. Despite Ollie being alive, he had no memories of the years prior to his death. This was because Hal resurrected him as a "Hollow," a person without a soul. Shortly after Ollie's resurrection, he saved an old man, Stanley Dover, from a group of muggers on the streets of Star City. Stanley took him in to his home and got him back on his feet. During a raid on a corrupt official's house party, Ollie's rescues teenage prostitute Mia Dearden and takes her in as his ward. After a while, Stanley discovers that Ollie is a Hollow, and due to his Satanist background and obsession with immortality, decides to try and transfer his soul into Ollie's body to extend his life and to gain control of a demonic creature that would do whatever he wanted. Stanley managed to capture Green Arrow and held him prisoner in his basement with a blood seal spell that only Ollie's blood relatives to pass through. Connor Hawke, Black Canary, Batman, and Jason Blood were all outside of the building trying to breach in and rescue Ollie and Mia. Because Connor is Ollie's son, he could pass through. Stanley opened a gateway to Hell in his basement. While Connor was trying to fight off an army of demons to save Ollie, Hal Jordan finally convinced Ollie's soul, who was enjoying himself in Heaven, to once again merge with his body, preventing Stanley from taking control. Ollie and Connor fought off the waves of the demon horde but were eventually cornered. The demon that Stanley tried to control appeared out of nowhere and closed door to the underworld, and killed Stanley by eating him.

Sounds Of Violence

After several false awakenings Ollie is able to wake Mia up for school which she is hesitant to go to anyways, and while she is getting ready Oliver does her bed, and finds a crossbow under her pillow. Oliver has a talk with Mia who tells him, she wants to be trained as his new Speedy, which Ollie discusses with Connor, while working at the youth center. While working with Connor that night and thinking it over longer, they find Mia on the roof practicing her shot by the time they're done for the night, and she's a decent shot. Oliver tells Mia how he never wants her to be his sidekick, because times have changed being a hero is very different, you used to have to worry about being stuck in some pseudo death trap, while earlier that night a thug tried to shoot him in the head. Oliver explains how he is now actually shocked that heroes back in the day weren't arrested for endangering children, and he's not ready to do that again, since he wouldn't know what to do if he lost her.

Dinah is getting ready for a date with Oliver at the JSA headquarters when Stargirl lets her know that she left him with Hawkman. Dinah rushes to stop the fight she believes to have started, only to find the men laughing together, making jokes, and doing impressions of Batman, but after Dinah leaves Ollie admits to Carter that he's nervous about the date. Before the date Oliver is able to borrow some clothes and get advice from Carter, telling him to take it slow with Dinah, which starts off well with catching up and joking, but soon Oliver reveals his feelings about Dinah, which she has trouble with as she has been through a lot lately. The Riddler interrupts the date, robbing all the patrons of the restaurant, Ollie and Dinah stop him and his thugs, with Oliver even using skewers and a harp as bow and arrows, with the 2 ending up in bed right after the fight. Oliver wakes up very early, sneaking out as he felt bad, but is caught by Carter, and soon the fight that Dinah expected breaks out between them that she breaks up with a canary cry. The canary cry wakes up the JSA who come rushing to find Oliver and Carter on the floor with Dinah standing above them naked, Mr. Terrific uses his t-spheres to cover her up before she walks away very angry at them both.

The next morning both Mia and Connor question him about how the date went after seeing what happened with the Riddler on the news, and Ollie avoids answering them both. That night when he and Connor were out on patrol, they stopped a raping, and Connor chases one down, finds him beheaded, and is attacked by a man with an axe. While Ollie is helping the woman beat her other attacker, he hears a gunshot, and instantly rushes his son, who has been shot in the head, to a hospital. Dinah and Mia rush to the hospital as soon as they heard on the news that Green Arrow is fighting for his life, and while neither Dinah nor Oliver is in the condition the console the other, Mia can only watch the operation crying, beside Oliver and Dinah in the observation deck.

While Oliver only wants blood and is about to leave to find any thug possible, but is stopped by a doctor who needs blood from a biological match, Oliver stays and gives all the blood needed. After given juice to recover, Ollie sees a strange man mimicking sounds walking in the back towards the operation rooms. Dinah tries to stop him after he kills one of the doctors, but he manages to shoot her in the shoulder, then Ollie saver her by shooting an arrow through the mans shoulder and keeping a drawn arrow aimed at his face.Oliver has Mia keep people away, tells the man to pull up his mask and the remaining doctors to finish the operation, telling the man"If he dies, you die", and Oliver keeps his bow drawn with an arrow between his teeth for around thirty minutes as the operation finishes.

As the doctors save Connors life, Onomatopoeia bites the arrow and end up running to the roof after being shot with several arrows. Oliver is able to stab Onomatopoeia with a few more arrows, one of which is through his foot, hanging him from the edge of the roof, but he struggles and forces himself to fall, by the time Oliver made it down he was gone. Two weeks later Connor was awake and seemed much better, but still wounded, and Oliver was just happy to hear the sound of family.

Identity Crisis

Green Arrow vs. Deathstroke

During the events of Identity Crisis, it was learned that Ollie, Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Black Canary, Zatanna, Hawkman, and Elongated Man were involved in the mind wiping of Dr. Light after he was found in the JLA satellite having raped Sue Dibny. When Sue was murdered, they all went after Dr. Light, believing it was he who killed her for revenge. In order to protect himself, Dr. Light hired Deathstroke as a bodyguard. When the group finally found Dr. Light, Deathstroke almost incapacitated the entire group, but Ollie got the best of him by sneaking up behind and jamming an arrow in to his empty eye socket. This began the long running feud between Ollie and Deathstroke.

A New Speedy


Ollie was deeply affected by the revelation that Mia was HIV-positive, and told her to end her career as a crime fighter. At the same time, Ollie was dealing with a new villain by the name of Danny Brickwell, also called "Brick", a meta-human with an almost unbreakable red skin. Brick went on a crime spree taking over the streets from the mob. He turned to the police, but was set free less then 24 hours later, and took the mayor's daughter hostage. Connor and Ollie began interrogating people as to the whereabouts of the mayor's daughter, to no avail. During a night out on patrol, Green Arrow is set up and finds himself surrounded by a group of Brick's men, but just as it looks like he is about to be beaten Mia comes in wearing a new costume and saves him. Ollie escapes and tells her to hang up her costume, but she tells him that she wants to do something good with her life. She later goes on to speak at her school and Ollie's anger gets the better of him and goes off to face Brick by himself. The two face off and Ollie gets the upper hand firing a glue arrow into his mouth; Brick starts to choke and Green Arrow saves him and reminds him that the only reason he is alive is because he let him live and leaves. Mia talks to him again; Ollie agrees to let her back out on the street. Roy Harper finds out the about Mia and confronts Ollie and they talk about his past and how it could have been him and that Mia took the name Speedy out of respect for him. Roy gets captured by Constantine Drakon and the rest of the Arrow Family sets out to save him, with help from the Outsiders.

One Year Later

Mayor Ollie

During the the event One Year Later, Ollie hired the world's best martial arts masters to train him to the peak of physical human condition. A rift was formed between Ollie and Connor when he hired the assassin named Natas (whom had trained Deathstroke) to train. Then, Ollie decided to try to make a difference in Star City by running for and becoming mayor. He won, and he used this position to aid in his "other" job.

After this, the world changed and Star City became much like Gotham during No Man's Land when the low-income neighborhoods, known as the Glades, were cut off from the rest of the world by large concrete wall. Green Arrow teamed with the mob and local gangs to help protect the streets when mutated creatures attacked.

As Mayor, Ollie began forcing the world to see the trouble that Star City was in, forcing the media to report on the gay weddings he conducted, in one series we see Ollie marry over 140 couples on the steps of city hall, in order to be married they had to stay in Star City for more then fourteen days, forcing them to spend money in his city and helping bring revenue into the city. He later went on to keep taxes back from the government once again helping his city to be strong. Hal offers to remove the Wall around Star City but Ollie says no; it was not the right time and his city was not ready. An attack on Ollie was put out by a group trying to gain money and control over the city. Ollie uses an inside man to black mail the company into actually helping him.

Bruce Wayne steps in to help the city rebuild, and Ollie thanks him and the two later go on to face off against Brick and Jason Todd who is masquerading as the Red Hood. It was also here that Roy took up the mantle of Red Arrow and joined the Justice League. Roy took the name out of respect for his former role model and wanted to continue the family name. Red Arrow is now a strong part of the Justice League but something would happen to him that would up shaking the Arrow Family to it's core.

During his time as mayor he was confronted by Deathstroke once again. It later turned out that this was a trap set up by Ollie to capture Deathstroke. In the end, Slade had no choice but to surrender. But all was not what it seemed. While in prison Deathstroke set up a meeting with Constantine Drakon, Slade wanted to know what had happened to Green Arrow in the year that he vanished, Drakon had been keeping tabs on Ollie and told Slade everything. This meeting of course lead to their escape after making a deal with the warden and telling him that they would make him Mayor. Afterward, Ollie went on to hand over his mayor title to his closet aid during the events and went back to being Green Arrow. Shortly thereafter, Ollie proposed to Black Canary.

Cry For Justice

Death in the Family

Ollie and Hal once again team up and form another Justice League, after the main team was defeated by the Shadow Cabinet. The two old friends discover that Prometheus has been planning something and heads off to warn the other Justice League. Prometheus was already one step ahead of them, pretending to be Freddy Freeman. Prometheus manages to defeat both teams and cuts off Red Arrow’s left arm with Ollie watching, an understandably traumatic experience. Before Prometheus can escape Donna Troy manages to capture him and he tells them his plan. Using a series of teleporters, he was going to send cities to random spots in time. Prometheus demonstrates this with Star City, but a malfunction destroys a large section of Star City.

The situation takes a turn for the worse, with Roy unable to fight and his daughter dying at the hands of Prometheus. Ollie is pushed to the edge once again, but lets Prometheus live in order get the codes for his machine. Ollie tracked down Prometheus, and, in an event that would have serious repercussions, killed him with an arrow right between the eyes.

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night, undead all over the universe are resurrected as Black Lantern rings. Because Ollie was resurrected, he receives a Black Power ring. Ollie is trapped in the ring, as his body is controlled by the ring and is slowly killing him. Ollie then attacks Black Canary, who is devastated that her husband is dead once again. She is joined by Speedy (Mia Deardern) and Connor Hawke. As they attempt to appeal to Ollie, the real ollie is watching his own body attack the ones he loves. Ollie then realizes that he has more will than any other Green Lantern, and forces his body to miss one of its arrows. Dinah realizes Ollie is trying to save them, and notices the arrow hits next to a tank of liquid nitrogen. Connor freezes Ollie, remarking that even in death, Ollie tried to help them. Ollie is later freed by the White Lantern.

Into the Woods

After the Blackest Night, a forest springs up in the center of Star City, created by the White Lantern Ring. Green Arrow has been banished after killing Prometheus and now lives inside this forest acting as a modern day Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Queen Industries has been bought by someone calling themselves ‘Queen’ who promises to rebuild the city and starts enacting their own police force.

DC's New 52

The Kill Machine

Stellmoor International wrestles control of Queen Industries from Oliver essentially leaving him broke. Irate over the event, Oliver confronts Queen Industries CEO Emerson. During their conversation Emerson begins to reveal Robert Queen's past to Ollie but before he can reveal more he is murdered by an archer using trick arrows. As security storms the office the body of Emerson is pulled out the window to make it seem that Ollie had thrown him out. Ollie is engaged by security but he dispatches them and escapes.

Ollie contacts his allies Naomi and Jax, only to discover that they are being held hostage at Q-core which is blown up shortly after. With nowhere else to go Ollie goes underground into one of his safe-houses where he is attacked by Emerson's killer the archer Komodo. Ollie finds himself greatly outmatched until he is aided by the mysterious Magus.

After recovering from his fight with Komodo, Ollie wakes up only to find a note from the Magus person instructing him to leave Seattle and go to the Black Mesa. While trying to make sense of recent events Ollie is contacted by Steve Trevor who berates him for the mess he has found himself in. Steve offers to send in the Justice League of America to assist in the clean up as well as give him a new identity now that Oliver Queen is as good as ruined. Ollie declines the offer and asks Steve to give him time to settle his own business. He makes his way to the home of Henry Fyff, a former employee that he fired personally, and employs him to become part of "Team Arrow". Meanwhile Komodo is revealed to be the CEO of Stellmoor International and that Naomi and Jax were not actually at Q-core when it was blown up. Komodo threatens Jax to help him track down Ollie but he refuses and is subsequently killed. Naomi on the other hand agrees to help Komodo find Ollie. Green Arrow makes his way back to the scene of the crime to investigate Emerson's story and finds a secret room where he finds a picture of Emerson, his father, and an unknown man. Magus sneaks up on Arrow and tells him that he should go to Black Mesa to which Arrow draws an arrow at Magus' face. Fyff then pipes in that the police are on to Ollie and he makes an escape.

Green Arrow's escape is thwarted by Komodo and the two get into an arrow fight in which Komodo owns the emerald archer. Komodo reveals that he killed Ollie's father to which Ollie responds by saying that his father died in a helicopter accident. As Komodo comes in for the kill they are distracted by a police chopper. Arrow uses the distraction to escape from Komodo and shoot an arrow at him. Having incapacitated Komodo, Green Arrow tries to unmask him but is shot by a masked individual who refers to Komodo as "Daddy". The masked girl owns Arrow in an arrow fight where he is fatally wounded and is forced to flee. Komodo shoots down a police chopper and berates his daughter for going out into the open. He declares that this was war as Ollie passes out from blood loss.

Komodo is berated by an individual that is part of a group referred to as The Outsiders. He is told to disengage from hunting Ollie and return to Prague. Distraught but undettered Komodo decides to stay and finish what he has started with Ollie. Wanting to rub salt on his wounds, Naomi tells Komodo that he never stood a chance to which Komodo responds that he has one more play against Ollie. Upon waking up Oliver finds out that Naomi is still alive thanks to a video stream that is set at the Queen Family Mausoleum. There Green Arrow finds Naomi with a bomb strapped to her back and is engaged by Komodo. Fyff runs in to try and disarm the bomb while Green Arrow and Komodo are locked in an arrow fight. Fyff manages to disarm the bomb just as Green Arrow starts a hand-to-hand brawl with Komodo. Komodo berates Arrow for being a brute but Arrow manages to beat down Komodo and later sticks an arrow into his eye. Before Green Arrow could remove Komodo's mask, the latter manages to escape with the use of one of Arrow's trick arrows. When the dust settles Arrow reunites with Naomi.

One week later, Oliver travels to Black Mesa to follow up on Magus' note. There he is met by a police officer who knocks him out with an axe. It is revealed that the police officer, named Butcher, was working with Magus all along. Butcher leaves Oliver in the middle of nowhere where he wakes up without his quiver or equipment. He makes his way along the desert while finding bread crumbs along the way in the form of his arrows and equipment. Soon he finds a tent and drinks some water outside before entering. Inside he demands answers from Magus to which he finally complies.

Magus reveals that the water Ollie had drunk was laced with a drug that would help "open" his mind. As Magus begins his story Ollie is almost literally pulled into the story. Ollie finds himself back on the island where he witnesses first hand a conversation between Emerson and his father, Robert Queen. Emerson begs Robert to forgo his quest for the totem Arrow. Magus reveals that Ollie and his father are part of a clan that was built around a totem weapon, the Arrow. He also reveals that there are other totem weapons in existence and the bearers of these weapons become the heads of their respective clans as well as members of The Outsiders. Oliver also discovers that the unknown man in the picture with his father and Emerson would turn out to be Komodo. Before Oliver could learn more he is attacked by a three headed dragon and subsequently wakes up from his drug induced state. Magus tells Oliver to seek out these three dragons, the first being Komodo. As they leave the tent, Butcher meets up with Oliver and Magus but is shot at by Oliver. Butcher manages to doge, strike the arrow, and Oliver down. Oliver is awestruck and wonders if Butcher is the holder of the Axe. Butcher only says that he will side with Oliver in the upcoming war.

A new start

Magus nudges Oliver to go to Vlatava to search for the second dragon. Before embarking on the trip Naomi and Fyff wonder if this is the right path for Ollie and Green Arrow. Ollie reflects on having lost Queen Industries and his fortune but adamantly states that he will carry on, the JLA does give him a pay check after all.


Green Arrow & Shado

Following "Kill Machine," Ollie heads to Vlatava to find the second dragon. Ollie, Naomi, and Fyff infer that the second dragon is most likely connected to Zytle, ruler/criminal of Vlatava. Ollie finds a woman in the basement, trapped. She seems to recognize to Ollie, finding out that he is Robert Queen's son. Zytle, going by Count Vertigo intervenes their escape. He has the ability to mess up balance and a cause a "veritgo" effect to Green Arrow. Fortunately, Ollie uses an EMP arrow to shut down his vertigo effect. After Ollie and the woman escaped, she introduced herself as Shado, mother of Emiko, who was introduced in "The Kill Machine."

After she explained how she met Oliver's father, Ollie and Shado confront Count Vertigo. He managed to get a shot off but die to Vertigo's powers, he only grazes his ear and suffered backlash from Vertigo's attack hitting the side of his head. While writhing in pain, Shado dealt with getting a car for them to escape and killed Vertigo's advisor. Shado spared Vertigo so that he could tell Komodo that she had Green Arrow.

Vertigo's weapon managed to blow out Ollie's eardrum, damaging his ability to aim. It was then decided by Shado that he wasn't in the right condition to face Vertigo who had come to Seattle. Not wanting to rest, he was knocked out by Shado, so that she could instead fight Vertigo. He later woke up and went to confront Vertigo, as Shado had been beaten up on the way by Richard Dragon. Ollie went to confront him and manged, due to his prior confrontation with Vertigo get past his abilities and punch him allowing him to go and then rip out the device in the back of Vertigo's head which gave him his abilities.

The Outsiders War

After training and proving himself to be at 100 percent(by shooting a can of pop out of Fyff's hand) Shado immediately suggests going back to the island Oliver was stranded on. Oliver is obviously hisitant towards returning to the island, but Shado is able to convince him that the totem arrow Komodo is looking for will be on the island, in a place she memorized. Once close to the island Oliver has flashbacks to the oil rig he was on before it was attacked, exploded, and left Oliver stranded alone on the island.

Resting place of the Arrow Clan

While walking around on the island Oliver is continuously having deja vu, and remembering his time on the island, from being deserted, trying and failing to hunt, until he gains more skills and even trains himself in archery, until he can not only hit a bulls eye, but split another arrow, all before he is captured by masked men. After finding the spot, Shado asks for an exploding arrow and after blowing a hole in a stone wall, reveals the resting place of the totem arrow.

After discovering that the totem arrow is not in its place Oliver and Shado are attacked by the shield clan, who they are able to defeat with the use of trick arrows. When attacked by Kodiak, the leader of the shield clan, they have to retreat and when leading Shado to the cabin he was kept in he remembers how he was tortured and before they could do real damage he was forced to kill one of his captors to escape. When they get to the cabin they see a man in a dragon mask that Oliver recognizes as the man who led his kidnappers, he then took off the mask to reveal himself as Robert Queen, Oliver's father.

Robert was able to fake his death with the help of "The Immortal Trickster" Magus, in order to quench Komodo's blood lust. Long thought dead, in reality Robert manipulated events to cause Oliver to end up on the island, and even fought Oliver as hard as he could, and admitted he would've killed Oliver, all in order to know that he was ready. He knew that Komodo would have killed Oliver if he couldn't defend himself, which is why Robert says he had Oliver brought to the island in the first place. After learning that Oliver had become Green Arrow after leaving the island Robert sent Magus to lead Oliver back there, so he could take his place in the arrow clan, and the can take their birthright, the Outsiders.

Oliver was outraged that his father left him and his mother for just an arrow, but before they can finish the argument Kodiak catches up. After a fight Oliver is able to hold one of Kodiak's arms while Robert shoots an arrow through his stomach. After the fight Oliver picks up one of Komodo's shields and knocks Robert out with it, before heading to Prague in order to stop the Outsiders. After questioning gang members he is ambushed by members of the spear clan and is able to defeat them. We see Oliver sneak into the Outsiders base and get overpowered, while Komodo talks to Emiko, convincing her that she wants to kill Oliver Queen. When Emiko comes face to face with Oliver he tells he the truth about how she is his sister and she can't kill him, so Komodo fires an arrow through his head in front of her.

Visions the arrow gave Oliver

The Oliver that was killed was revealed to be Magus as the real Oliver broke through the windows along with his father and Shado. When Oliver is confused at seeing his own body, Magus sits up, pulls the arrow out of his head while changing his face back to normal, and reveals that he is the seventh clan, The Mask. Oliver battles against the Spear, Fist, and Arrow clans, aided by Shado, Robert Queen, Katana, Butcher, the axe clan, and Magus. Shado faces Komodo and is almost killed, but saved by Robert and Oliver, in the struggle Robert Queen is killed by Komodo, but not before Emiko learns the truth of her parentage and turns on her adopted father, killing him after he grabbed the arrow, allowing him to see his own death. Oliver elects to reject his birthright, breaking the Arrow Clan's totem arrow, before returning to Seattle.


After returning to Seattle he finds Naomi and Fyff scared and mad about his abandonment before they are ambushed in their hideout by explosions from Red Dart as part of the Longbow Hunters. Oliver is overpowered by the group but is assisted by his half-sister Emiko and together they are able to down the Longbow Hunters with a little assistance from Naomi. It is revealed that John Diggle filled the role of Green Arrow for a short period of time without Olivers consent. At the time Oliver wasn't filling his role as the protector of his city was because he was grieving the death of his mother after watching her suffer from cancer ever since he returned from the island.

Oliver confronted Richard Dragon for kidnapping Diggle while he was fighting the Outsiders War, but is surprised when he discovers Count Vertigo is with Dragon. Ollie asks Dragon to let Diggle go, Dragon then tells Oliver that Diggle is just a pawn and Oliver agrees, Dragon then throws Diggle through the window. Oliver is able to fire an expanding foam arrow in time to save Diggles life and John then explains that Richard Dragon is really Ricardo Diaz' son, a criminal boss Diggle took down during his short run as Green Arrow. Diggle and Oliver go back inside to deal with Dragon(Diaz) together while dispatching his thugs along the way.

When they reach the top floor the fire a volley of bullets and arrows at Diaz and his thugs and in the end only Diaz is left standing, holding arrows he caught. Diaz is able to handle and disarm both Oliver and Diggle leaving Diggle with an arrow through his hand, he then proceeds to work Oliver over, making sure to hurt him but do nothing fatal. Oliver fighting back only amuses Diaz who doesn't notice Diggle behind him, who pulls the arrow from his hand who tosses it to Oliver. Oliver then stabs Diaz through the leg and tells him he severed his femoral artery and if he doesn't get medical help he will die.

After the police arrive they let Oliver know Count Vertigo escaped and while Diggle wanted to chase after him Oliver thinks the best thing to do is regroup. Diggle admits that you can't train an old dog new tricks and he's back in the game. After learning the Fyff was hurt and at the hospital he visits them and acknowledges that Emiko will now be his apprentice and she has to follow his rules. Oliver now realized he is not alone, he's "part of something bigger. A city. A community. A team. A family."

Personal Data


  • Height: 6'2''
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Blond


  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Star City, America
  • Marital Status: Separated
  • Education: Unknown
  • Occupation: Adventurer, Mayor

New 52

  • Estimated Height: 5'10"
  • Estimated Weight: 176 lbs.


  • Citizenship: American

  • Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Giordano Academy
  • Occupation: Adventurer, JLA member

Known Relatives:Robert Queen (father, deceased), Moira Queen (mother, deceased), Dinah Lance a.k.a. Black Canary (wife, separated), Sin (adoptive daughter), Connor Hawke (son from Moonday Hawke), Robert Queen (son from Shado, deceased), Roy Harper (adoptive son), Olivia Queen (daughter), Mia Dearden (Close Friend), Emiko (half-sister from Shado)

Powers and Abilities

Master Archer

Green Arrow is considered by even the superhuman members of the Justice League to be the "greatest archer in the world." Green Arrow himself states he never misses , and has shot at targets without directly looking at them. Black Canary once said she saw Oliver shoot 39 arrows in one minute. Oliver's aim to so good that he has shown to be able to hit a drop of water coming out of a faucet. He has been able to completely hit on target even in midair or off balance.

He is the DCU's greatest archer and some sources (in the DCU) have even speculated that he might have a latent metahuman ability to explain his aim. Although it's just his extensive training.

Fighting Skills

After the events of One Year later, Ollie completely retrained himself and became an excellent hand to hand combatant as well as a expert weapons handler. He is skilled in judo, kickboxing, karate, and much more. He has received training from Natas and many of the world's greatest teachers. He has been shown holding his own against Batman in unarmed combat at least on one occasion. Green Arrow is also a very good brawler.

He sometimes carries a sword around, which he is actually quite skilled in. He has shown to be able to hit arrows directed at him with his sword.

Green Arrow can also fight with a bow as he has been shown to do in comics and in the tv show Arrow.

Peak Human Condition

Ollie is in excellent physical condition (at least akin to an Olympic champion) especially his agility, stamina and reflexes. He has been shown to be able to fight and exert himself (escaping the Secret Society for example) even after sustaining potentially fatal injuries. His agility is also exceptional, consistently performing near impossible acrobatic shots without trouble.


Green Arrow is capable of flying planes. He has flown his Arrowplane.

Weapons and Equipment


Green Arrow's "jacket" is a form body armor. If he was shot in the chest or from behind, the bullet would not hit Oliver's vital organs due to the armor being bulletproof. The New 52 version of Green Arrow incorporates thermal goggles into his mask.

Bow: Green Arrow may switch from a compound bow to a regular bow. Some of the bows he uses have sights. Most of his bows are colored green.

Trick Arrows

Green Arrow has a wide variety of specialized arrows, ranging from EMP arrows to poison dart arrows and everything in between. Ollie has also developed arrows to combat specific individuals, such as the Kryptonite arrow.

Some of his arrows include:

  • Standard Arrows
  • Boxing Glove Arrows
  • Flash Grenade Arrows
  • Glue Arrows
  • Tear Gas Arrows
  • Grappler Arrows
  • Ice Arrow
  • Explosive Arrows

In "The Kill Machine," Ollie is only left with:

  • Two Explosive Arrows
  • Anti-Riot Arrow (expanding foam)
  • One Net Arrow
  • One Jammer Arrow
  • One Smoke-Bomb Arrow
  • One Grappler Arrow


Green Arrow possesses numerous vehicles that allow him to travel to anywhere in Star City, such the Arrow Car. Many of these vehicles were directly inspired by those used by Batman. He also had an Arrowplane.

Alternate Versions


In this reality, Ollie is a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron.


Oliver Queen is "Olivia Queen" in this gender-bent universe. Black Canary of that world wears a costume similar to the Green Arrow's. Flash and the Justice League fend off and invasion from Amazons led by Wonderman.


In The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Green Arrow is much older and missing an arm due to an unspecified incident involving Superman. In the sequel, Ollie has replaced his lost arm with a cybernetic one.

In the HP Lovecraft inspired Elseworlds story The Doom That Came to Gotham, Oliver Queen is a Gotham millionaire around the turn of the 20th Century. Oliver has knowledge that his centuries old father, Henry Queen, had made a deal for wealth with a man named Ludvig Prinn. Queen, along with his companions Bartley Langstrom and Thomas Wayne, ultimately renege on their agreement and leave Prinn for dead in the Forgotten City underneath Gotham City.

Oliver Queen grows up thinking he will be the one to stop the titular Doom, a Cthulhu-esque entity called Iog-Sotha. Queen trains by becoming a big game hunter, and somehow acquires the arrowheads that pierced St. Sebastian in 288. Queen, in full Templar garb, attempts to fend off an agent of Iog-Sotha, but is killed before Batman can rescue him. His arrows are ultimately useful against Ra's Al Ghul.


During the Flashpoint story arc, Oliver Queen is the CEO of Green Arrow Industries, a weapons manufacturer that specializes in adapting supervillain technology for military use. He shows very little physical prowess or martial skill, but manages to survive an assassination attempt from a woman who claims to be his daughter from Queen's affair with Vixen.

Other Media

Live Action


Smallville, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is played by Justin Hartley and first appeared in Season 6, Episode 2. He remained an important character through the first half of the season and became a main character in the shows last four seasons. He has been in romances with Lois Lane, Tess Mercer and Chloe Sullivan both the latter two have controlled the Watchtower.



In October 2012, the TV series Arrow debuted on the CW network, with Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. It offers a more modern, cinematic take on the character of Green Arrow, however the basis of his origin is slightly changed to include a larger variety of characters and plot developments. After his return to Starling City (as it is referred to in the show), Ollie goes through a list of people that his father wanted brought to justice. As his mission of retribution unfolds, Oliver makes many life-altering and shocking discoveries about his father and his city.


Justice League Unlimited

Green Arrow appears prominently in the series Justice League Unlimited, voiced by Kin Shriner. He is seen as the representative of the ordinary people who fights on a much smaller scale than other heroes, and thus is reluctant to join the League. This attitude changed and he eventually became a prominent member of the team. He fought alongside Supergirl, John Stewart and Captain Atom in the first episode against a rampaging nuclear war machine.

Young Justice

Young Justice - Green Arrow and Speedy

Green Arrow has a recurring role in the series, which features Speedy as a main character.

Brave and the Bold

Green Arrow is featured in many episodes as a friendly rival to Batman. They have competitions to see who has better tech, or is the better hero. This version of Green Arrow is heavily influenced by his Golden Age incarnation, and uses the same costume.

Video Games

Green Arrow is a playable character in Justice League: Heroes

Injustice Gods Among Us

Green Arrow is a playable character in Injustice Gods Among Us. Green Arrow is first shown helping other heroes against Luthor's assault on Metropolis. Green Arrow later helps the heroes in Superman's world of dictatorship. Green Arrow's character trait allows him to use four different arrows; an unlimited amount of normal arrows, 3 fire arrows, 2 electrified arrows and 1 ice arrow (until reload). Green Arrow's supermove includes him hitting his opponent into the air with an exploding arrow. He then sweeps under the opponent and pulls them down with a grappling-like arrow, then finally flips over him/her and fires 3 exploading arrows. 2 extra costumes are available for Green Arrow, Insurgency Green Arrow (unlocked with armory key), and a costume based off the Arrow TV Series.

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