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Green Arrow #8


I honestly do not have a lot of positive things to say about this book; I had high hopes for the new creative team when issue #7 came out but I just have not been impressed.

The Good:

Like I said, I could not find too many things to put in this section. I thought the cover looked good but what was shown on the cover didn’t even happen in the comic. But the rest of the art throughout is good, Harvey Tolibao puts in plenty of detail that is enjoyable to look at while reading through a not-so-good story.

The Bad:

I really don’t like Oliver Queen’s character in this series. He is typically known as a jerk, but that part of him really shines in this issue. The dialogue is just terrible; at one point Green Arrow is fighting two wolves, and as soon as the fight is over the first thing he does is mention that the ladies say he is a bit of wolf himself. I find that incredibly lame; he should have said something about his recent wolf attack, or just nothing at all.

Another problem I had with the character is how un-heroic he acted towards another character later on in the issue. If someone is in need of help then the hero of the story should help said person, not deny them the help that could potentially lead that person to any harm. I don’t think that anyone should be denied help from someone considered to be a hero, no matter how minuscule the task is.

Ollie also really has a thing for one of the women who kidnapped him and tried to kill him; and that doesn’t make sense to me in the slightest. If someone tries to kill you then you don’t put yourself back in that same situation again, but Ollie keeps seeing this chick just so he can get his rocks off and I find it annoying. He should be finding his way back to Star City, and back to all the people who think he is dead.

The Judgment:

There is certainly more bad than good in this issue, the dialogue is horrible and I don’t care for Ollie’s actions. I haven’t decided if I’ll pick up part three next month because I’m on the borderline of dropping this title. I give this issue two stars out of five, and the two stars are for the artwork. I hope this series gets much better.

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