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Green Arrow #19

The Good

Andrea Sorrentino is absolutely fantastic in this book. The sketchiness of the lines and the use of shadow is phenomenal. He also uses very simple panels, but in a way that makes the who page seem very complex and interesting. There is so much details in the background, but the use of color helps you focus on what you need to see. Never, has color been uses this well to grab your attention and force you to look at something. It's absolutely stunning. In this issue, Jeff Lemire beat the crap out of Oliver. After last issues suspenseful ending, Lemire tops it off with a huge fight with Komodo. This fight is well done and feels very fluid. Green Arrow makes a mistake in this issue that really makes him seem more human then most other heroes who get everything right. This issue is also filled with a big reveal. Oliver still manages to stay true to his character and cracks a few jokes, but it doesn't ruin the extremely dark tone this book has. We also get to see that Komodo has a little back up that can take care of Oliver. Fyff is a new character, but he is very likable and you are rooting for him along with Green Arrow.

The Bad

There is nothing that stands out as bad in this issue. It's fantastic from beginning to middle to end.

The Verdict: 5/5 (Perfect)

Jeff Lemire is a great writer. He gets the character and what works and he goes with it. He makes them stronger by tearing them apart and in the end, the hero rises to a whole new level. If you aren't reading this series, you are missing out on what I think will be one of the best runs on Green Arrow of all-time. The art and the story click creating a fantastic comic with a character who will grow on you. I suggest that you get to your comic store and get issue #17 on. You won't regret it and you can finally new a New 52 comic where Oliver is as cool as he should be.

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