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Gray Wolf was once a CIA Agent, diagnosed with Cancer, he was tending to his garden on his rooftop one faithful night, unaware of the werewolf now known as Wolf-Man arrived during his first full moon night and roaming the city. As Wolf-Man roamed the city's rooftops he came across the old man tending to his garden and viciously attacked the poor man unannounced. After that night Wolf-Man's victim never felt the same again, during Wolf-Man's time as New York's unlikely hero, unaware of the old man, still alive and assuming him dead, they had once again crossed paths but now as Gray Wolf. Wolf-Man didn't know who he was when he was first attacked by Gray Wolf and thought of him as a lone werewolf. Gray Wolf had successfully knocked Wolf-Man away from the madman called The Face, and explained quickly, why the surprise attack, Gray Wolf was an agent for Cecil, and handed Wolf-Man a com link communicator to keep in touch with the official. After explaining of somewhat who he is, Gray Wolf left the confused Wolf-Man with something he said, "You saved my life. Thank you." Afterwards, he released Wolf-Man and escaped from sight.

Weeks after Wolf-Man's battle with Gorgg, he was apart of Cecil's small organization called The Global Defense Agency, a team with members like, Agent Hunter, Donald Ferguson, and Gray Wolf, and with part time members as Wolf-Man, his daughter Chloe Hampton, now known as Vampire Girl, and Mecha-Maid, a former Actioneers member. After completing a mission to finding an illegal human experimental center, Gray Wolf began explaining who he was, it turned out that Gray Wolf was the old man Wolf-Man had attacked on his first night, it was still unknown to why he survived, but Gray Wolf revealed that as a human he was diagnosed with cancer and only had six more months to live, he had been told the news two years ago and knew he was on borrowed time and believed that Wolf-Man's primal instincts, or "Moon Rage," sensed the disease and wanted to cure him the only way he could, or he was just very lucky to have survived, Gray Wolf admitted that after he became a werewolf, he once was given help to control his wolf-form and later recruited by Cecil, he had never been happier and thanked Wolf-Man for giving him his old life back, Wolf-Man replied, "No, thank you, I thought I killed you....I'm glad to know you're ok, better than ok."

After Wolf-Man became the new Elder of the Wolf Nation, Gray Wolf joined Wolf-Man's pack, which later became the werewolf team WolfCorps.

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