Review: Soulfire #5

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Could the return of magic lead to war?

The Good

Aspen is known for having some pretty amazing art, but Marcus To's fantastic pencils just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the incredible talents of colorist Beth Sotelo, so major props to her as well. If you are unfamiliar with Soulfire or never read it before, then this issue might be perfect for you to start with. The primary character, Grace, exists in a world full of technology and she has striven to bring magic back to her world. However, now that it has returned, she is faced with the wrath of the "dark lord" Rainier who wants to use technology to harness and manipulate the magic power of the dragons. This is definitely an introductory issue and while it does only briefly delve into Rainier's history, it manages to capture the attention of the new reader. It is definitely a light read and the art really compliments the elements of magic in the story. The issue is extremely well organized and serves almost as a prologue, successfully leaving the reader wanting more. 

The Bad

There is not really anything "bad" about this issue save for the fact that at times it reads like an episode of 'The Hills.' There is a teenage love triangle that takes up a significant portion of the story, so if you are into drama and love triangles, then you are bound to enjoy this issue. 

The Verdict - 3.5/5

While the issue was not a jaw dropping, enlightening experience; it served as a great introduction to the Soulfire series and universe overall and acted as a prologue to the upcoming story arc which looks very promising.
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Oh, you picked my favorite of the cover selection. A beautiful image, but the water looks like milk in sections.
I can proudly claim to of never watched an episode of The Hills. I might of never even heard of the show if it wasn't for the Chelsea Lately or The Soup shows.
It's almost kind of an odd challenge to write magic in this era. You really have a challenge to create your own set of rules so you can't just do silly stuff and just explain it by calling it "magic". I kind of like that. To know the limits of it. 
It is a rather cool concept of trying to bring magic to a world of technology. That's not something I have heard much of before. A story normally picks magic of technology.

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Glad to see Soulfire get some love!  Beth Sotelo is amazing!   Would like to see her get some mainstream work.
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I wonder what the guys and gals at comic vine thought of Fathom.

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Well aside from outstanding Art, Aspen comics are very bad story tellers now that Michael Turner is gone and Talent Caldwell is out doing some freelance work.
 JT Krull cant pull a fathom correctly and the other people that writes fathom are fanboys that don't know how to write.  And fathom hardcore fans just buy and like anything that has fathom in it, even if its terrible.
Nevertheless the art and covers of soulfrie have always been freaking awesome! This one is pretty beautiful too.

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so is Aspen Summers in both Soulfire and Fathom? Ive never read any comics outside of Marvel and DC
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Aspen Mathews only belongs to Fathom, however the company that makes both Fathom and Soulfire is named Asepn MLT comics.

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