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The city first appeared in the DC universe in the The Flash #106.

 Gorilla City's first appearance.
Gorilla City's first appearance.

Description and stories

Gorilla city for many years was run by a benevolent king, Solovar, who possessed psychic powers of telepathy and movement of the mind. The city was isolationist in nature hiding itself from the world of man by cloaking the city making it seem invisible and forbidding contact with man outside the city. Solovar created a technological utopia. The city would be uncovered by the Flash Barry Allen. At different types under mind controlling scheme Gorilla Grodd has taken over the city. Grodd's reign has been short lived thanks to intervention by the Flash or the Justice League. The city joined the United Nations when Solovar decided that man's political and ecological problems were not going to be solved by ignoring them and their consequences would eventually reach Gorilla City as well. Upon a tour of the US, Solovar was assassinated in a false flag operation that was orchestrated by a faction from within Gorilla City, the Simian Scarlet, who were themselves being manipulated by Grodd, and blamed Solovar's death on a racist group called Human Supremacy Movement. Gorilla City Solovar with his son Nnamdi, who adopts his fathers old policy of isolationism and secrecy.

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