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Golly! is the story of a Carnie and racer named Golly Munhollen who is tasked with the mission of defeated the hordes of evil that have set up shop on earth. Thousands of years ago when God and Satan were readying themselves for the Apocalypse, the minions of evil came to earth in order to set up for the world ending event, however plans changed and the Apocalypse was canceled simply because neither God nor Satan were excited by the prospect anymore. Because of this an Angel was tasked with finding a member of the Human Race to endow with special powers in order to defeat the left over forces of evil who still remained and had no idea that the Apocalypse would no longer occur.

In the Angels search he came across Golly Munhollen. Golly had just been knocked out by a punch from the Strong Woman Pig Anderson and was out cold when he was taken into a different plan of existence by the Angel. There he was told about the events that transpired between God and Satan and their decision to avert the Apocalypse. He also informs Golly that he is the one chosen to take on the task of destroying what evil forces are left on Earth. In order to aid him in his search the Angel has made it so that the Carnival that Golly works in moves about through the towns and cities that the evil forces still live in. And this starts Golly off on his strange trip of cleansing and destruction against the evil minions on Earth. He confides in his fellow Carnival Workers and together they try to finish the task at hand.

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