What is SSJ4 Goku's power level in GT?

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Since, in GT, Goku wished to be 10 years old again, he lost a lot of power, but not knowledge. At, 10 years old, Goku had enough power to blow up the moon which is 1.25% of the Earth. Since, by most fans, SSJ4 is said to be 4,000x base form. He could blow up Earth 50 times. If a power level of 180 can blow up the moon, Master Roshi, and the moon is 1/80 the size of the Earth, that rounds to 15,000 power level. 15,000 x 50 = 750,000 power level. This explains most of GT's inconsistencies, since base form Goku is known for being in the 1million range in DBZ. Hope that helped.

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It's immeasurable, also this isn't a battle

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OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!
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SSJ4 Goku = 750,000 power lvl

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SSJ4 Goku PL=4,100,000,000

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@xlab3000 how is it even in the 1 million range?

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So your telling me... That SSJ1 is much more powerful than SSJ 4? BS. Here's there real power lvl. http://www.angelfire.com/anime/chicosdbzpage2/powerlevels.html

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@comicace3 I am trying to explain the inconsistency of SSJ4 Goku in Dragonball GT. Yes, SSJ Goku in Dragonball Z is more powerful than SSJ4 in GT. If SSJ4 Goku was in DBZ, no SSJ wouldn't even stand a chance, Goku's is at his peak, adult form. SSJ4 Goku would rival Pre Crisis Superman, based on how powerful base Goku was at the end of DBZ with the x 4,000 curve for SSJ4.

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@Cybrilious4: Ok fair point but at the end of GT when goku is old again, he's at his peak right?

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@comicace3 supposedly, maybe, But Goku pulled off some better feats in DBZ. Like standing up to Kidd Buu while being at SSJ3, IT to severely solar systems in only a few seconds, and blowing up a planet with just a finger full of ki energy (Base Form). It's not all about age, it's about feat pulling.

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@comicace3 said:

So your telling me... That SSJ1 is much more powerful than SSJ 4? BS. Here's there real power lvl. http://www.angelfire.com/anime/chicosdbzpage2/powerlevels.html

That power level list is fake. There are no officially stated power levels past the Frieza saga. After that point, power levels must be calculated manually.

Anywho, reposting something I wrote in another thread.

"SS1 Goku during the Frieza saga was 150 million. When Vegeta left the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Goku stated that he would have had to have gotten 3 times stronger to even stand a chance against Semi-Perfect Cell. It's generally accepted that Goku and Vegeta were about equal pre HTC. So assuming Goku did NOT get stronger from his fight with Frieza and 4 more years of training, that puts SS1 Vegeta at 450 million. Later, when Goku leaves the time chamber, he powers up for Korin. His level of power greatly alarms Vegeta and Trunks, this indicates Goku is now greater than or equal to Vegeta. Goku then reveals to Korin that he only used about half of his power. That puts FPSS Cell saga Goku at 900 mil. Same song and dance for Gohan. Through the course of the story it's revealed he is equal to Goku. Then Gohan goes SS2, which is twice as strong as SS1 according to the Super Exciting Guide. That puts SS2 Gohan at at least 1.8 billion.

Then you get into the Buu saga. SS3 is another x4 on top of SS2, so assuming Goku didn't get any stronger in his 7 years of training, that puts him at 7.2 billion. I'll come back to the Buu saga later, because there's more points to be made there, but I'll skip ahead to GT for now. In GT, Goku becomes so powerful that he is easily a match for Super Perfect Cell, in his base form. SS2 Gohan was roughly equivalent to SPC, so base form GT Goku equals at least 1.8 billion, but likely much higher. Now to account for SS3, we simply multiply his base power level by x400. That puts SS3 Goku in GT at at least 720 billion.

SS4 is where things get tricky. Its power multiplier has not been stated, but it's generally accepted by fans to be at least a x4000 multiplier, or 10x stronger than SS3. Why? Simple. SS3 Goku was not enough to defeat Baby. Goku then went SS4 and started stomping Baby. Baby then transformed into the Golden Oozaru form and they were roughly even again. We don't know how powerful the Golden Oozaru form is, but the original Oozaru form was stated to be a x10 increase. So lowballing the Golden Oozaru form, we have Baby getting 10 times stronger. Since SS3 Goku was losing against base form Baby, and SS4 Goku was even with Baby x10, then SS4 Goku must be at least 10 times stronger than SS3 Goku. A little bit of speculation involved, but I think it's unreasonable to assume the Golden Oozaru is weaker than the basic Oozaru form. That puts SS4 Goku at at least 7.2 trillion. And as I've stated, that's lowballing in many areas, not taking into account Goku's decades of training. Omega Shenron curbstomps SS4 Goku.

Now back to the Buu saga. There are some statements that can kick this powerscaling into overdrive if you choose to accept them as fact. Note these numbers are about to get flat out retarded. To start off, we're using a character statement. Supreme Kai states in episode 219 that he is 1000 times stronger than Frieza. As you already pointed out, Frieza = 120 million, times 1000 and you have 120 billion. In Kibito's Daizenshuu entry, it says that Kibito could fight evenly with base form Gohan. Now, if you recall, Supreme Kai was repeatedly outmatched by the Saiyans even in base form. He was scared that even working together, they would not be able to beat Pui Pui, yet Vegeta does so easily, a feat that does not impress Goku or Gohan. It's safe to say that Gohan, (and by proxy Kibito) has a power level much higher than 120 billion at that point, in base form. For the sake of being as conservative as possible though, I'll assume Kibito has a power level of exactly 120 billion.

In the Super Exciting Guide, on page 63, it states that fusion via the earrings is in fact multiplication of power levels. That means Kibito Kai has a power level of at least 14.4 sextillion. Kibito Kai, by his own statements, as well as the statements of Old Kai, Goku and Vegeta, was so weak he would have just been in the way if he tried to fight Buu. Even when Vegeta was trying to fight Kid Buu in base form, Old Kai still warned Kibito Kai that he's too weak to help. From this we can conclude that base form Goku and Vegeta > 14.4 sextillion. Why is there such a giant gap in their power between the fight with Kid Buu and the start of the Buu saga? *shrugs* I don't know. The only thing I can think of is zenkai boosts. That, or Gohan was much much weaker than Goku and Vegeta.

Either way, that 14.4 sextillion can still be scaled up to account for transformations, including SS4. That puts SS4 Goku's power level at a staggering 57.6 septillion. Assuming Vegeta is equal to Goku, that puts SS4 Gogeta's power level at 115.2 septillion. And as I've demonstrated, that's lowballing at every point possible, and completely ignoring Goku's 15 years of training after the fight with Kid Buu. One could also argue that based on his fight with Uub, base form GT Goku is at least as strong as SS3 Buu saga Goku, which would multiply the final result by another x400. That's a more debatable point though, so I'm not gonna count it."

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As Team Four Star Points it out power levels are #$%%$*. It was just device that makes enemies underestimate them.

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ummmm this show was gone a decade ago, it wasn't even that good. How is this still a thing?

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It's unknown. After the Freiza Saga (besides the fight between Trunks and Freiza/King Cold), power level were no longer used. There is no way to tell. Any source that says otherwise besides Akira Toriyama himself is incorrect and is making it up.

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@cybrilious4: that is way off dbz characters are a lot stronger then that

Hey check out my multipliers which are roughly correct from studying dbz for years

Oozaru: 10x base

False ssj: 25x base

Ssj: 50x base

Assj: 175x base

Ussj: 275x base

Fpssj: 625x base

Lssj: 1,000x base (goes up 100x for every minute in battle and goes back down every minute not in battle until returned to normal)

Ssj2: 2,500x base

Ssj3: 12,500x base (goes down 100x every minute in battle and goes back up 100x every minute not in battle until returned to normal)

Golden oozaru: 50,000x base

Ssj4: 125,000x base

And I haven't exactly figured out ssjg since it uses godly ki

And I have strong evidence toward each one of these levels. So if you want proof just ask.

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If im not wrong Goku SSJ 3 power lvl is about 43, 000, 000, 000. SSj 4 multiplies SSj 3 power by 10, so it´s about 430, 000, 000, 000

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113,032,281,356 superman’s power level it 6.6 quintillion tons divided

by 32 times 5 and that = 113,032,281,356

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@laurcus: ....So many issues there.

@thess2greenlanturnarmy:Oh my god no. No. No. No.

SSJ2 is 2x SSJ1. Seriously, your power levels are completely off past SSJ1, and the LSSJ and SSJ3 power changes are complete hocum.

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You're treating it like a real thing. It's random numbers in the character's mouth when the author wasn't good enough to "show" us how powerful they were.

As in most mangas and comics, the "show don't tell" policy is violated a lot.

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You guys are way off. Omega Shenron has a power level of 1.9 billion. SS1 Gogeta has a power level of 2.5 billion. Vegito in base form is stronger than any unfused SS4. And for Broly fans, in his LSS form his power level is 1.4 billion.

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I hate bad calculations like this. First, just because Goku's body was reverted in age doesn't necessarily mean he lost ALL associated power. It's simply comparable to child/adult strength, which is likely around half, but math and atatistics are necessary for this. Secondly, once he goes SSJ4 he is an ADULT. Therefore you don't calculate his child power by SSJ4 but his ADULT STRENGTH.

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@shenlong: Actually he says Vegito is perhaps in league with a Super Saiyan 4. (It wasn't officially said he was.) Telling he went like what, 20-30% against Buu? I bet SSJ4 Vegito would harm Beerus a bunch! (With Goku + Vegeta fusing with their Godly Ki) and image SSGSS Vegito? That massive power boost that! No.. That UNIVERSAL power boost..

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