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Hello internets. I wanted to make this discussion in anticipation for the upcoming movie, Pacific Rim. For those of you who don't know what Pacific Rim is about, it is a film that is direct by Guillermo del Toro(he directed Hell Boy), and it is about giant piloted robots fighting giant monsters, or kaiju(japanese term for giant monster movies and the monsters in them, think Godzilla). This is open for any and all discussion of Pacific Rim, kaiju, or anything to do with giant monsters/robots. Have fun, and get prepared to see it next year!! IMDB PAGE


Click HERE for the Comic Con coverage.

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I hope the Kaiju win

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Comic Con Coverage added

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The entire Comic Con Footage!

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Man, I can't wait to see Pacific Rim. Huge Guillermo Del Toro fan. The best part is that I can screen it from home using Cineplex SuperTicket, which is pretty amazing.

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All the reviews have been great so far. Excited


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