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Today, DC released an exclusive preview on Comic Book Resources of the new Justice League International book that is premiering on Wednesday.  There's one main thing that stuck out at me as interesting.  It seems they didn't just remove that character being speculated as being Donna Troy from the lower left corner of the cover, but rather, she was replaced by another female character. 
(Also, Lopestri gave back the spikes on Batman's gauntlets, which weren't originally on the cover or in plans for his costume's redesign)

 If you look into the preview, you'll find out that that's Godiva, a character that I had honestly never heard of before now but apparently was in Grifter's Resistance in the Flashpoint universe and had a history with both the Global Guardians and Justice League Europe.  And her being an English superheroine does help to sell the "International" angle of the team, which is already rather strong, what with Rocket Red, August General in Iron, Fire, Ice and Vixen all being of foreign nationalities.  Oh, and Booster Gold's apparently Canadian now, so he's part of that as well.  

And hey, at least DC didn't simply just take out a female character from one of their books like a lot of people thought, right? 
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I'd never heard of her either 
but I've never been a huge fan of hair powers 
Medusa could and should have stayed the only one IMO 
an INhuman with hair powers? sure- they're Inhumans and they're all weird like that 
a member of the League? did they run out of new superheroes already? 
I really like the rest of the lineup though 
Fire and Ice, Guy and Vixen are all big +'s to me
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She got swapped out ages ago

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