Could The Goblin Glider Be Made

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Now I don't mean EXACTLY like it, I know that a device like that could lift someone that high off the ground and go that fast. But for argument's sake, suppose that a device could temporarily lift someone off the ground for at least a short amount of time, and actually move, not at a fast pace, but still move. What do you guys think, could the Goblin Glider (or something like it) really exist in our own world?

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theoretically it is possible. i mean depending on the power source which is the main thing, using reversed magnetic fields one can create the hover mode of the goblin glider, but to stabalize the body on the glider counter balances will be needed in terms of air or fire thrusters, with a simple lean forward would be enough to have the glider move forward. but increasing the power output of the magnetic field beneath the glider you could raise your altitude ever so slowly. the only problem i see is that it would not work well over water unless it was shallow. but it all comes back to a power source, i mean a fine grade of plutonium would probably be enough in order to make it run for a good hour. but if it were out now i would suggest cold fusion.

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