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ok, why are girls so adverse to attractive female characters? I can understand if they're REALLY oversexualized, and I understand if a girl didn't like someone like Ed Benes for that reason. But why are females( in comics or real life) with blessed with attractive features such as...well...large breasts seen as sluts or slutty for no reason other than being well-endowed?

But onto my message. First off: Glory is a lame Liefeld Wonder Woman, in the same way that Zealot is a lame Jim Lee Wonder Woman, so I guess they really didn't screw up much.

Anyway, as said, Glory started her life as a pin-uppy Liefeld Wonder Woman, and so there were certain measures taken in the Extreme...ooops....EXTREME!!!!!!!!! Studios relaunch to keep that from happening. Now, instead of looking beautiful, graceful, or even just "hot", Glory has two new looks: an over-muscled CREATURE who looks even more Liefeldian than the original, except this time looking like a Liefeld male muscle head, and her second look, which is that of a fat asian baby.

You don't have to go to such!!!!!!! to avoid oversexualization.

Look at Ed Benes', Mike Deodato's, and even Jim Lee's depictions of Wonder Woman. She's very beautifully and skillfully drawn yes, but there are usually many oversexualizations in their drawings of her and others. For instance, Deodato may draw her "panties" to look like a skanky thong, and all three usually gave her ample boobs and a mountain of a butt.

Then look at Cliff Chiang's version: She still looks beautiful, but without all of the immodesty. Her chest is not nearly as large and not nearly popping out of her top, lol. She's covered up well considering her costume, and even has darker olive colored skin to evoke an ethnic Greek look that should become the norm. This is a well drawn depiction without the sexuality, and guess what: they didn't make her look ugly or like a fat asian baby!!!!!

Better luck next time BloodyDeath EXTREME!!!!! Wonder mean Glory.

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so you wrote this and that other text in the character's forum just to complain about her muscles lol...every one knows that she's based on Wonder Woman, but there are some Superman and Batman "rip offs" it does'nt prevent them to be interresting characters (Plutonian, Hyperion, The midnighter...); with the new path Glory is taking, i think that she could become a great character too. And for the way she looks, i say why not? let's make some room for other kind of super heroines, the ones that do not look like playmates. You don't like it, fine, but respect the choice of the artist.

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It makes sense for a 'warrior woman' archtypal character such as Glory to be all chiseled and muscular though, no? Disregarding that, I kinda like the 'babyface' Glory has. Her design as a whole is striking and memorable, perhaps in a good way, perhaps in a bad way. It helps that the artist on the title is good though, for sure.

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i like she, she looks more interesting and challenges the norm.

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I don't think it's going to extremes to draw folks who can punch whole through tanks actually look like they can do it. Whenever I hear about folks with super strength, I expect to see some muscle mass, and depending on how comically ridiculous strong they are, I expect to see it in the body unless through some magical spell its concealed. I flippan love the new glory look. She's very feminine and cute. Her body reflects all the fighting she has done and the damage that has been inflicted on to her, which is hella amazingly cool to see folks who actually get messed up and have the scars to show the recovery in a comic (especially on a woman). I'm guessing Glory's new look isn't your cup of tea, and that's cool, but I LOVE it. Her standing on the mountain of corpse creatures looking fierce with her hair blowing in the wind is what made me pick the book up in the first place.

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@jointron33: I've got to say that i'm in total agreement with you, but sadly, it seems i am the only one.

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She looks hideous now. Revolting even. I guess it's a way to vindicate themselves since she used to be a pin-up basically. Comics are about hot women and huge muscled guys with extreme powers that couldn't exist in real life. Why make stories about ugly women or weak, fat men? There are enough of those in real life.

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