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"DESTROYER," Part Three: Reckoning.

Mont St Michel is on the brink of annihilation. Riley Barnes is in the hands of the enemy. One of their friends is dead. All of it's Glory's fault and only her friends can stop her. All this plus the face smashing introduction to the newest, perhaps deadliest member of the Extreme universe!

The plot.

Riley has learned that the forces of Lord Silverfall aren`t going to destroy Mont St Michel. Instead, they`re trying to save Riley, who is the only one who can stop Glory. Riley doesn`t buy it. Riley meets a winged giant cat named Beleszava.

The space ship that has been floating in the sky explodes, and Glory flys out of it. She and her remaining friends get ready for battle.

Then...they battle. It`s vicious. Riley winds up killing an enemy. She doesn`t take it well.

The battle ends. Glory knows that they can`t stay at Mont St Michel. That they need allies. She has one in mind.

Her little sister, Nanaja, who we see brutally killing a few armed (and one unarmed) men.

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