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I've just finished reading War of Kings #6, and was astonished to see the Shi'ar calling Gladiator 'Majestor'!!!! He's always been a great guardsman, powerful and loyal, now it would appear that he is going to be the new Emperor, BRILLIANT.  
Do you think this is a temporary thing or is Kallark destined to be the new ruler?!!! Personally, I think the guy deserves it and after serving for so many centuries he will make a great ruler.

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I think technically, Deathbird would be the next in line for the throne.  She's a member of the Neramani family and the wife of the Majestor.  But she seems to still be in a coma.  So wouldn't the Chancellor be the temporary ruler until the new ruler can be chosen?

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I would actually like to see this happen.

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Well it seems the citizens of the Shi'ar Empire have already embraced him as their new ruler. It would be hard to any of the other claimants to take it from him. I mean they couldn't take it from Vulcan, so how are they going to take it from Gladiator. He's doing his job, stepping up to defend the empire.

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well i think he deserved to be emperor more than vulcan,and i dont care about that bloodline family crap,i believe the one with most power and wisdom takes over the land and gladiator for sure is more powerful than vulcan,and was even more powerful than d'ken(not that hard to be more powerful than)...but(theres always a but) there is a teaser scene from the war of kings:who will rule one-shot and its in looks like it takes place in some stone based building and gladiator is crawling away from a powerful,energy based blast that looks like it came from someone blasting it at him..vulcan and blackbolt will appear in the one-shot because there still alive and there on the cover of the book and the writers said that theyll appear in it but, that blast couldve came from vulcan(it was his color of a blast) and vulcan could be mad a gladiator or something like that.
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Too right!!!! But this also raises a question which I posted on another forum, who will Kallark delegate as the new Praetor?!!!!! Logically, Xenith is the most powerful, but I suspect that it will go to some one like Mentor!! I can't wait to see how things work out.

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How long do I have to wait to see Majestor Kallark?

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@Buckshot said:
" How long do I have to wait to see Majestor Kallark? "
Well, the Realm of Kings One-Shot is coming out on November 4 and Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard is coming out on November 11.
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Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Gladiator kill the Chancellor?!! The chances of Deathbird coming out of her coma to claim the throne are severley remote, although it would be great to see Gladiator tell her that she is not worthy and give her a slap for all those years of being a pain in the backside!!!!
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I think is great that Gladitor is the new emperor it will gives us a chance to explore Gladiator personality.
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or a chance for him to actually develop one.

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@Dane said:
"or a chance for him to actually develop one. "

I think he has always had a personality. But because of his role has an imperial guard we have not seen how he is really like.

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