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Does anyone know a good site where I can order some Gladiator comics or ones that he plays a big role in?

#2 Posted by SeanAKAMisery (1957 posts) - - Show Bio

can anyone help me please?

#3 Posted by Final Arrow (24392 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry dude it hurts me to say this but PM Buckshot, Or try G-man they should be able to help.

#4 Posted by Methos (40531 posts) - - Show Bio

hmm... depends where you are...

england or america try e~bay

for more specialised stuff i'd say hunting down comic collector stores in your area


#5 Posted by Valkaad (2701 posts) - - Show Bio

Check out Fantastic Four #249 awesome Gladiator appearance

#6 Posted by SeanAKAMisery (1957 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for the info guys i appreciate it.

#7 Posted by SeanAKAMisery (1957 posts) - - Show Bio

I just ordered some Thor comics and the Fantastic Four #249 thanks Valkaad and i was wondering had anyone read any of the Thor ones?

Thor (1966 series) #304

Thor (1966 series) #330

Thor (1966 series) #331

Thor (1966 series) #338

Thor (1966 series) #340

Thor (1966 series) #411

Thor (1966 series) #445

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Sorry about this being off topic, but I tried to start a new topic and there was no button to post it once I had typed it out, so here goes:

I've been trying like hell to remember the title to a specific comic book that was out in the early 2000's but just can't seem to remember it. It was a fantasy-type setting featuring a young boy who's father died(i don't remember how) while being a general do-gooder. He was left his father's gloves and boots which basically gave him super strength and was joined by a mechanical golem, a swordswoman and a male warrior. I think there was some sort of priest/wizard helping him too, but I'm not sure about that.

The art was pretty good as I recall with a slight manga feel to it. (boy's eyes were large, etc.)

I sticks in my mind because I always found it the visual of a small boy wearing over-sized guantlets and boots heaving boulders and breaking swords in his hands humorous. Any help would be appreciated.

OH ! One more thing, It might have been an Image comic...but I'm not sure about that either.

Please help me I am going out of my mind trying to remember this comic.

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