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I guess there's just no other word to express my feelings towards this finale as good as this review title does. It's an issue that was moving not just because of the way it ended, but because of it being the very last one from Whedon-Cassaday run -- which was a landmark one, overall, in the history of the X-titles.

Whedon's writing is practically flawless by describing each character's personality - from the good ol' Spider-humor to Colossus' anger with an entire alien world which he was predicted to destroy, yet a world he struggles to understand.

Cassaday's art is something special as well. For each page, every facial expression looks incredibly real and able to give us the correct impression of what is going on in the minds of the characters. It is as if they had known how things were to going to end somehow, but they would eventually keep fighting nonetheless.

That's why I keep on saying...astonishing, just astonishing...

And the best of luck for you, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Bianchi! Can't wait for your Astonishing X-Men #26!

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