G.I.Joe Renegades

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Anyone excited for this?  It hits Hasbro's HUB Network in October, not sure if it's airing here so I'll probably have to hit up the net to see episodes.  Haven't been a big fan of the concept artwork they've shown for it, but it seems like they have decent writers.  Hopefully it won't end up like Sigma 6...

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 Mix the A-Team with Warren Ellis' G.I. Joe Resolute for a Y7 audience and you get G.I. Joe Renegades.
It might be kid-safe, but this show is definitely made for teens / adults... the amount of talking heads, plotting, and exposition would bore a 7 year old to tears, but it makes for pretty impressive characterization and storytelling to and adult inside the Y7 framework.  The action sequences, although brief, are well choreographed such that a win makes total sense- it isn't just two forces spraying laser fire at each other until one side randomly loses.  The animation (outside of the action) is only OK and the character designs might push some people, but all-in-all this is a series worth checking out.
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I've been watching every episode that has come out so far and I love it!  To me it is better than the live action movie.  The story is much better. My kids love it too.  It's better than the original cartoon series.  Each character gets their own introduction.  The series is top notch.  I highly recommend checking it out.

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