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On a quest to give the Hulk inner peace and make him 'see the light', Glorian made a deal with Mr. Cloot in which they would torment the Hulk into seeking out Glorian's help and friendship. Cloot knew that this deal would fail and he would win Glorian and the Hulk's souls in the process. To help with Glorian's plan, he raised Dennis Malloy from the depths of hell and sent him on a quest to reach the top of a very steep set of stairs. Along the way, all he had to do was survive being tormented by a 'grey demon' (who looked exactly like Joe Fixit/Hulk). His encounters with the grey demon left him malformed, with claws, wings and a deformed face. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Malloy took the name of the Ghoul and swore revenge on the grey demon who made him look that way. He fought Fixit several times and was slowed down in a pool, since the water seemed to cool him down. Fixit eventually tricked him into a meat locker and impaled him on a meat hook, where he was left. It is assumed that Mr. Berenghetti 'cleaned it up' after firing Fixit.  


Ghoul was created by Peter David and Jeff Purves in 1989 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 357.

Powers & Abilities

The Ghoul could fly via the stretched-skin wings on his back, usually leaving a trail of flame in his wake. His claws (both hands and feet) left not only cuts, but made the victim feel intense burns (burns that made Joe Fixit Hulk's limbs numb with pain).
His weakness seemed to be the cold, which eventually lead to his demise.

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