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The set up for Ghost Rider is excellent, isn't it? Becoming a monster due to a deal with the devil. This allowed the comic to be considerably more macabre with its visuals than some of the other regular books. A few issues before the above, we have the Spirit of Vengence threatening Blaze with a trip to Hell and the above, whilst not as gruesome or grotesque as many of the other covers, is still pretty unsettling. The artists, two Bobs, Wiacek and Budiansky, fearlessly pepper the cover with the word 'Loser', effectively giving the sense of Blaze's alter ego as a mocking, cruel demon. Usually I don't like too much text on my covers but here is a very good use of a single word to convey a strong image.

I have ranked this cover no 232 as part of a long term project I am producing on my own blog 'marvel-ous' on re: my favourite marvel comic book covers. Please visit and check out the other covers that have made my top 250.

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