nawfalq's Ghost Rider #33 - Trials & Tribulations, Part 1: Once Were Ghost Riders review

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Aaron's GR is great.

This issue starts a new storyarc for GR (and crew), although its not a great "jumping on point" for new readers. This issue focuses a lot on Caretaker - a character that Aaron has really developed well. The cover does not even have Danny or Blaze on it. The Ghost Riders from the future are hysterical (and provide a little context) and allow for a lot of future storyline possibilities.

Aaron's handling of GR has been unique, grisly, and entertaining.  I have heard it described as "redneck," but that term doesn't adequately depict Aaron's flavor of the series.  But like Aaron says in one of the letter columns: he gets to write stories with nunchaku weilding nuns in them. That's good stuff.

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