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This Ghost is toast...


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The grapevine

Before reading further, you should read this other 'Ghost' review by myself HERE. Now, unfortunately, there's nothing remarkable to say regarding this final chapter of Ghost: In the Smoke and Din. Not a single sweet compliment worth mentioning about this issue, nor for the entire Ghost: ITSAD story arc for that matter... How sad could this be?

The poison ivy

The story's pacing and dialogs are dull and boring as hell (no pun intended, just look at the way that demon is "handled" by Ghost at the end, so ridiculous it hurts) and the art is so terribly awful (just look at Caroline's face panels on page 7 for example, you hardly recognize it's the same character) that, simply put, I see it as an utter lack of respect to the artists and people that worked so hard on the title in the past to give us a high quality comic book, to say the least...

The bittersweet

The latest "resurrection" of Ghost is a complete, and I stress the word COMPLETE failure. A total dissapointment. Period. As much as I had hoped Ghost to return, it's of no use re-launching/re-booting a decade-long "popular-back-then-status" character only to do it in such a MEDIOCRE fashion! Kelly Sue DeConnick, with all due respect, you're waaay outta your league here; Mr. Noto, get your craft right first, then, maybe then, try again; Ultimately, it's a total disgrace to the editors whom I appoint as the sole responsibles for the present lack of quality in the Ghost title; You just ruined my favorite comic book female character ever. I wish I had the power to turn back time. More than that, I wish I had the power to "ghost jump" every damned 'Ghost: ITSAD' issue in existence inside Cameron Nemo's dimension to try to forget they existed at all. Nuff' said.

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