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Geoffrey and Hershey finally confess.
Geoffrey and Hershey finally confess.

Son of Ian St. John who served the Kingdom before him, Geoffrey is a by-the-book agent of King Acorn. He despises Sonic, first because they used to be romantic rivals for the affections of Princess Sally (he has long since moved on), but mostly because of Sonic's reckless and irreverent approach to everything. In issue #61 he recruited new agents for the Secret Service. These included Valdez the Chameleon, Wombat Stu, Hershey the Cat (with whom he later fell in love and eventually married), Heavy the Robot and Bomb. He is still extremely loyal and follows orders obediently. He still resents Sonic, but now can at least tolerate him.


He was educated in military training and tactics from Armand D'Coolete books. He learned wind magic Ixis Naugus but said to only learn a few spells from him.

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