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A new generation of X-Men, a new generation of trouble! Twenty years have passed since the original X-Men faced their ultimate threat. Now, their children and grandchildren are picking up where they left off as Becka Monroe, Pavel Rasputin, Olivier Raven and the other members of the fledgling GeNext discover that being a super hero is not all fun and games. They travel to India with Hank "The Beast" McCoy and discover an insidious plot… But who is behind these dangerous assassins terrorizing Mumbai? And why do they seem so familiar?

 The team arrives in India to a robot going on a rampage, sati attacks but is defeated the team descends and destroys the robots. A mysteries dark haired woman watches all and after the robots defeat she triggers their self destruction then leaves in secret.

The team helps the injured then they are taken to the Indian superhero headquarters where they get a bath change clothes and get some food. Rico is obsessively fiddling with the robot part desperate to find out why its so familiar. He decides to go for a walk and sati accompanies him much to the dismay of Bekka who reveals she wishes he was doing so with her. Bekka is with beats as she watches no-name and pavel along with Megan and oli.

The woman from earlier arrives home only to be met by Kalima who is their to teach her a lesson as she has decided to come and play in her backyard, the woman in green screams.

Sati asks why rico keeps his brilliance to himself when he explains his love for music unlike his father and granddad who prefer science. She introduces him to her uncle who plays the sitar he catches on quick and her uncle wishes to have him as a student. After this they continue their stroll with him realizing where he knows the design from.

He carries them to a residence and Megan is taken out quickly by mental bolt and kalima tells them to flee. They don’t listen and a battle erupts. after they battle some demons and rescue the prisoner she wakes up and kisses Rico she is introduced as Sophie von doom, only child of doom and heir to latveria.

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