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Very little is known about John Doe. An accountant working for Boss Glitter, Doe was so aggressively average and normal that he somehow became the living embodiment of genericness.


John Doe was created by Keith Giffen, Tom Bierbaum, and Mary Bierbaum. He made his first appearance in The Heckler #2.

Major Story Arcs

The Heckler

Doe is troubled by the emergence of the extremely unique and individualistic Heckler, as he believes that uniqueness and individuality is the cause of all human suffering. He becomes determined to turn all of Delta City as generic as he is. He immerses himself in the city reservoir, causing those who come in contact with the tainted water to become generic. He is attacked by henchmen of Boss Glitter, as well as Minx and the Heckler. He manages to escape the initial confrontation when Minx is distracted by his sidekick Buckshot and the henchmen are distracted by Heckler. He is shot and killed by Minx, but almost immediately reincarnated.

Powers and Abilities

John Doe has the ability to turn everything he touches generic; any object he touches acquires a flat coloration, and a word describing the object is written on it. Individuals who become generic are under his control, if he chooses to exert it. Due to his generic appearance, his emotions are physically written on his face, and he speaks in plain, expository dialogue.

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