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Chamber is hanging out in his basement lair trying to get the TV to work. Gateway suddenly appears and the two have a telepathic conversation. Gateway tells Chamber that Paige is upset about the Legacy Virus and needs a friend to talk to and he Chamber to be that friend.

Meanwhile, the other Generation X kids (Jubilee, Skin, M, and Synch) are in New York City. Jubilee buys some apples from Penance but her apples are ruined when a mob chases Thing down the street because they love Fantastic Four. The Generation X kids do some New York City tourist stuff like visit Rockefeller Center. While they are there M has a spell of some sort and spaces out becoming completely immobile and an unsavory looking character appears and talks to Skin, expressing surprise to see him alive.

Back at the school, Banshee is trying to get Penance to talk by using random language books to see if she might understand a language other than English. After speaking to her in French for a bit, he calls it a day and heads back to his on-campus housing thinking about how why he is trying so hard to talk to Penance and whether or not it's so he doesn't have to talk to Moira who recently became the first human to be infected with the Legacy Virus. He gets to his house to find that Penance has already gotten there and is sitting on top of his refrigerator.

Back in New York, Jubilee, Synch, and Skin have left M behind in a catatonic state and are in a car en route to Frost Enterprises to pick up Emma Frost. As they pull into the parking garage of Frost Enterprises something suddenly kills their driver and the security guards in the parking garage. The three kids get into their Generation X costumes, ready for a fight.

Back at the school Paige is hammered. She is completely drunk after drinking one beer. Chamber finds her crawling around on a pool table complaining about how life is unfair because of the Legacy Virus and how they'll all die anyway.

The Generation X kids take the elevator up into the Frost Enterprises building and are attacked by a monstrous mutant who calls himself Hemingway. Generation X makes short work of Hemingway, but he manages to escape, leaving behind the Morlock named Artie. Jubilee talks to him and tells him that they need to go and find their friends.

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