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Circa 1870, a band of malform (precursor to metamutant) outlaws led by the disfigured Jono Hex use their malformations for vengeance and profit, but also to battle malforms that are even worse than they are. Generation Hex #1 pits Generation Hex against the citizens of Humanity (Jono's hometown) and a gaggle of super-powered villains.

When the band of outlaws holds up a mail train from Tombstone to steal the 7th Cavalry's wages, they are ambushed by the genius malform hunter Marshal Bat Trask and his robotic Razormen. Generation Hex, having being hounded by days by the robotic killing machines, eventually trick the Razormen into destroying Humanity.

Also in this issue, Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith (an amalgam of Boom Boom and Pow-Wow Smith) and Loose Cannonball (Cannonball and Loose Cannon) form New Western Malform Force (X-Force and New Teen Titans, respectively).

Apollo (Cyclops and Ray) and Firebird (Jean Grey/Phoenix and Fire), members of JLX (X-Men and Justice League), travel back in time from the Modern Age to the Malformed West and encounter Ra's A-Pocalypse (Apocalypse and Ra's al Ghul), which will eventually lead to the Age of Ra's A-Pocalypse. They also encounter Generation Hex, at which time Firebird discovers one of the outlaws is her ancestor.

Kultron, an android, arrives from 1997, hellbent on exterminating all malforms to prevent their descendants, the metamutants, from being born.

The Alpha Outsiders (Alpha Flight and The Outsiders) disband, which is why the Twins Trigger (a different take on DC's Trigger Twins) leave Canada and eventually find their way to Generation Hex.

The Hexions (a different take on Marvel's Hellions), a group of young ladies led by Madame Banshee to "entertain the gentlemen" under the guise of a finishing school, perish except for a few. Madame Banshee subsequently joins Generation Hex. The remaining Hexions, now calling themselves Hellions, attack Generation Hex because they blame Madame Banshee for not doing a better job of protecting them. As a result, one of Generation Hex dies.

Generation Hex also takes on Shaggynaut and Black Tom Savage, who just happens to be Madame Banshee's great-great-grandfather. Shock. Awe.

Generation Hex, which are apparently one busy team, defeats the evil, energy-absorbing M-Parasiteplate. Afterwards, Nightgate teleports Retribution to the Generation Hex camp and Jono accepts her as part of the band of outlaws.

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